Jan. 4, 2017

Rare and Precious Things by Raine Miller

Rare and Precious Things is the amazing continuation of the Blackstone Affair. This is definitely a 5-star read for me. I thoroughly enjoyed how intense the connection was between Brynne and Ethan. The first three books were gifted to me months ago by a friend with excellent taste. I just now finished reading book four and it was just as amazing. Raine Miller had me clutching my chest and my eyes welling up. Not that many authors manage that feat with me.

My favorite part that saturated the entire book was the deep and desperate love between Brynne and Ethan.  Both with traumatic pasts, both with personal terrors, both with a deep need for the other.  It’s not merely about lust and sex.  It’s not the clichéd “connection.”  It’s the soul deep recognition of “this really is it; I am not who I am without him/her.”

Brynne and Ethan's journey as individuals as well as a family very touching and illuminating. There was one particular part where I knew better in my head, but my heart just broke in grief.  I won't ruin this with more spoilers than that.

I have to say that all my expectations for this book were exceeded.  Somehow, Raine Miller knew what I thought was missing in the previous three books and added them here. She is a talented author and I eagerly look forward to more from her.

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