Jan. 4, 2017

The Blackstone Affair Collection (Naked, All In, and Eyes Wide Open) by Raine Miller

A good friend gifted the three-book Blackstone Affair Collection by Raine Miller to me because she knows I love angst-filled trilogies and series.  That good friend is a knows me too well because I absolutely loved, loved, LOVED The Blackstone Affair!!  This was my first foray into the world of Raine Miller and guaranteed that it won’t be my last!  All three books were five-star reads!!!!!

Brynne Bennett is a beautiful American grad student at the University of London studying art conservation.  She’s also a model, which brings her into Ethan Blackstone’s sights.  Ethan saw a nude portrait of her and felt the need to possess it…and her.  Brynne has a traumatic past, one that she tries to alternately run away from and cope with.  The question is, which will she be more successful with?

Ethan Blackstone…<sigh>.  I am no Anglophile, but I need an Ethan Blackstone.  Like now.  LOL!  Ethan is the British high-profile security expert who felt and gave in to his attraction to the American beauty.  He is very much an alpha male with a very strong dominant nature.  The next question is, will his dominant nature be a trigger for Brynne’s painful memories or will he provide the strength she needs?

My responses to the individual books:


This is from Brynne’s POV.  What would a high-profile security expert, with a company of his own, be doing at an art gallery?  Security, naturally, right?  LOL.  I must say, the first meeting between Brynne and Ethan was very interesting.  Maybe because I’m a lot more cynical, I think I would have done the opposite of what Brynne did.  But then again, the story would have been completely different if she had done what I would have.  Ethan’s pursuit of Brynne was exactly what I expected of him.  I loved it.  There was one scene where I actually said aloud, “Dang girl, that’s jacked up”, but I wouldn't have faulted her for it. 

I would add more, but if you haven’t read this yet, I don’t want to ruin it.  Beware, this does end in a cliffhanger, so I do suggest getting the entire collection before starting.  The end of Naked made me shake my head at Ethan and made my heart drop for Brynne.

All In

This is from Ethan’s POV.  When you break someone’s trust and they respond accordingly, do you really think you can get them back?  Do you think you deserve to?  While Ethan knew he didn’t deserve to win Brynne back, he was determined to get his American girl.  His confession to her the last time he spoke to her, honestly, was like a stab in the heart to me considering what he did.  However, there is something to be said about pairing honesty with persistence.  In Ethan’s case, it definitely worked.  Ethan has his own traumatic past.  His reactions to it don’t surprise me.  What did surprise me was how well he functioned after living through a horrifying nightmare.  It shows the inner strength of a person.

This one also ends in a little bit of a cliffhanger, but not as heart-wrenching as the first.

Eyes Wide Open 

This alternates the POVs.  This one naturally takes up where All In left off.  I would say that this is my favorite book out of the three.  A beautiful surprise, devastation, and stalker events, oh my!  The beautiful surprise excited me and left me grinning maniacally.  The devastation had my heart in a tight grip.  The stalker event actually surprised me.  This book shows the power of love and how it makes survivors out of terror and agony.  I can’t expand anymore for fear of spoiling the book.  It is well worth the read!

The Blackstone Affair Collection is one that I will reread time and again.  Each book is hotter than the previous one and beautifully written.  Raine Miller is obviously a master at her craft and I’m struggling because I want to keep reading hers even when I have ARCs for other authors to read and review!  Bravo, Raine Miller!


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