Apr. 17, 2017

When The Storm Breaks by Avery Hart

When The Storm Breaks is the debut novel for Avery Hart.  This was a three and a half star read for me and that’s not a bad thing, especially for a debut novel.  Avery Hart tells a good story and provides the feels.  I enjoyed it even while part of my brain kept stopping me, but that’s another thing.

The story begins with Claire Scott, a woman who seems to be at an amazing point in her life.  She got her dream job and had just married her best friend, James.  Then tragedy strikes.  As she’s trying to crawl her way out of her lowest point, she gets some unexpected help toward healing.  Mason Brady is someone close to her deceased husband and suddenly becomes an important part of Claire’s life.  One moment, she’s trying to sort out her emotions and having fun, the next, she’s lost control of her life and whether or not she’ll survive the terror that follows her.

Claire is a woman who was handed one tragedy after another.  Normally, I prefer my heroines to be strong, and I only saw a little bit of that in her.  It does take some strength to go through what she has and not be a basket case, though.

Mason is the man who tasked himself with helping Claire heal from losing James.  From the very first moment of meeting Mason, I didn’t trust him.  His behavior was odd and suspicious beyond his confusion with his feelings for Claire.

The reason this is a three and a half star read for me is because I feel like there are holes in the plot.  Not huge ones, but enough to the point where I had to go back and reread what I just read.  It actually flows pretty well, but one part of my reading process kept stopping me because something was missing.  Normally, when I finish a book, I’m happy with the ending.  This one made me feel like there’s more.  Like it should be part of a duet, trilogy, or a series.  That’s probably because I still have doubts about Mason.  One other part made me question Claire’s best friend’s dedication to her towards the end.  Maybe that’s just me.  However, I will say that I enjoyed it enough to where I want to read more of Avery Hart’s work.  This was a pretty good debut novel. 

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