Nov. 13, 2017

Lust by Melissa Andrea

Lust is my first book by Melissa Andrea, and will not be my last!


I despised Reed Peirce.
He was a cocky, egotistical smooth talker, and more times than not, he was also my opposing counsel in the courtroom.

He thinks he’s God’s gift to the law, but I know the real reason he wins so many cases, and it has more to do with those persuading green eyes than his fancy law degree. Not that I can blame the jury. I was once on the receiving end of that perfectly tilted smirk and deceiving charm, and I learned the hard way not to trust him.

Now, a year later, it’s a virtual tug-o-war in the courtroom, and I refuse to fall for his witty banter and flirty smiles again. I was determined to show the playboy of appeals that he messed with the wrong lady of the law. Only, the joke was on me, and a drunken night of hot, mind-numbing sex has my aversions toward him wavering…

One bottle. One dare. One night.
That’s all it took to obliterate a year’s worth of hate toward Reed.
It was thoughtless. It was reckless.
And no matter the case I plead, he’s left me defenseless.

My Review:

Lust is such an interesting and captivating story.  I really enjoyed the passion between Meela and Reed, even when Meela refused to let go of her issue and Reed refused to let go of his arrogance.  The first scene was one that I really liked.  How often does a complete stranger seek to offer comfort to another in a situation like that without any nefarious intent to take complete advantage?  I don’t consider the kiss taking advantage. 

Reed’s last line just prompts that happy sigh for HEA.

Overall, I really enjoyed Lust.  I don’t know if you knew, but I’m a sucker for stories with babies.  Seriously.  As I beta for other authors, it is important to me to be honest with them.  They deserve that.  I wouldn’t want them to have negative responses because I failed to let them know the truth.  I couldn’t put Lust down unless I absolutely had to and I’m someone who doesn’t feel that not finishing a book is a bad thing about me.  I’m not going to waste my valuable (to me) time, beta reader or not, reading something that fails to catch my attention and pull me in.  I feel deeply when I read and I needed Meela and Reed to find their happiness.  Melissa, you provided a book that an intensely picky reader like me can thoroughly enjoy. 

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