Jan. 8, 2018

The V Card by Lauren Blakely and Lili Valente

The V Card by Lauren Blakely and Lili Valente is another tale a woman who falls for her brother’s best friend..or a man who falls for his best friend’s sister, full of sweetness and hotness.


A brand new sinfully sexy standalone romantic comedy from bestselling authors Lauren Blakely and Lili Valente!

When you think about how easy it is to lose keys, phones, sunglasses and your dignity on social media, you might figure it'd be a cinch for me to ditch my V Card.

You'd be wrong.

At 25, I run a successful business, live in a fantastic apartment, and have fabulous friends to go out with any night of the week. And yet I'm still a card-carrying member of a club I don't want to belong to anymore. Good thing I know just the man for the deflowering job—my brother’s business partner and best friend.

Graham Campbell is charming, smart, and, I’m told, oh-so-skilled in the sack. As long as I keep my eyes on the prize, there’s no way this pluck-the-flower project could possibly complicate matters.


Work and pleasure. As the CEO of a fast-growing company, I've been enjoying both to the fullest. What do I do when the board throws me for an unexpected loop so I can keep my business in my hands? I enlist the help of my best friend's little sister since she holds a big stake in the company. But then I learn there's another big stake she wants.

The one between my legs.

I can do this. Seven nights to teach her everything I know in the bedroom. There's no way I'll fall for her, even though she’s earning top grades in every single lesson. And turns out I’m learning something too. The trouble is I don’t have the answer key to what to do when I fall hard for her.

And that throws a whole new hitch in my plans.

Ceej’s Review:

I am a fan of both Lauren Blakely and Lili Valente.  This book is a nice addition to their list of works!  If you want a light romantic read, The V Card is it.  The storyline is one I've read before, but with the telltale humor I've enjoyed from both authors.  In my opinion, there is little to no angst, but there is a considerable amount of hotness.  I admit the nickname of the heroine threw me for a second as that's what I'm called.  My name isn't rare, but it isn't all that common, either, so it got me.  This book is sweet and hot, a nice feather in the respective authors' caps.  However, for a reader who is addicted to angst and thicker storylines, unfortunately, this isn't it.  You have the usual guy who falls for his best friend's sister, or the girl who falls for her brother's best friend trope.  I hope that if these two authors decide to write another book together, there will be more to it than the usual trope.  Sometimes they come up with a twist, and The V Card didn't have anything like it.

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