Mar. 29, 2018

Maniac (Fallen Lords MC Book 3) by Winter Travers

Maniac (Fallen Lords MC Book 3) by Winter Travers is a second chance, sexy, sweet, and fiery story that can’t be missed!


Lost. Alone. Desolate.

Wren Glass was done. She couldn’t continue to live the lie everything was okay, when in reality, she was dead inside. After being used and abused by the Hell Captains MC, Wren lands in the lap of Maniac. A man who sees her as nothing more than a chore.

A man just like the one she managed to escape.

At least, that’s what she thought.

Vengeful. Enraged. Calculated.

Maniac West isn’t a man to mess with. Not with him and not with his club.

When he is assigned to watch over Wren, he ignores how he feels about the woman with the soulless eyes. Something in them makes him crave to return light there. But Wren is a job. No more, no less.

That all changes when Wren decides she doesn’t want to live.

A woman battered and bruised from the inside out, with no will to live, needs a hero.

Maniac isn’t a hero, but he will turn hell upside down and burn it to the ground to avenge the woman who fell into his world. Anything to bring back the light in her eyes.

WARNING: This book contains possible triggers of suicide and sexual abuse. Please proceed with caution. While those scenes with sensitive matter are not greatly detailed, they are there.

Tracey’s Review:

Winter makes me want to be an MC girl. Every time I think I can’t like one of these bad a$$ bikers more than the last one, Winter proves me wrong.

Maniac makes me want to get stuck in a cabin with him or at least go for a ride on the back of his bike. He is a man on a mission and the way he says, “Darlin’” makes me wish he was saying it to me. Wren is a broken, badass chick who deserves to be loved and protected. Maniac is just the man to be her one. When they dance to “In Case You Didn’t Know,” I get all giddy and can’t wait for their first kiss. This is a second chance, sexy, sweet, and fiery story that can’t be missed. Winter, don’t ever stop writing MC stories or I will cry.

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