Mar. 29, 2018

Man Handler by Shari J. Ryan

Man Handler by Shari J. Ryan is a feel good story you won’t put down.



Scarlett - Blytheville, South Carolina—have you heard of it? No? Yeah, neither had I, until today. Want to know why? It’s in the middle of nowhere, and I’ve been given the ultimatum of either living on the street in Boston or accepting a job transfer down to this blank spot on the map where people say things like: “Bless Your Heart,” “Over Yonder,” and “I reckon.” Oh, and they don’t cuss, which makes survival a bit challenging for me with my flavorful vocabulary.

I’ll cut to the chase. On day one of my new Southern lifestyle, I land myself in the hospital and meet Austin, one of the two nurses on staff. I would consider this guy absolutely gorgeous if I were into the whole tanned, smokey-blue eyes, and messy sex-hair look, but I’m … not. Okay, I’m lying. If Austin wasn’t my type before, he definitely is now. However, I was sort of rude to him. While I’m sure my first impression was probably my last, maybe I can turn on a little Southern charm (if I can figure out how to do that) and change his mind.

Austin - This chick is crazy, hot as hell, and more wound up than a taunted wild animal. I might be out of my mind, but I’m intrigued by her short temper and lack of filter.

She thinks I’m just funny and sweet as pie, which I know annoys her, but she hasn’t spent time with me outside of work yet, so she doesn’t know I can dish out more than she can take. Miss Scarlett thinks she’s tough and intimidating because she’s from big, bad Boston, but she’s about to learn how things really go down in the South.

The question is, will Scarlett and Austin ever see to eye-to-eye, or will they give up the fight long enough to see what they’ve been missing?

Tracey’s Review:

Shari Ryan this story is all around heartfelt, funny and sweet. You made me laugh so much as Scarlet and Austin navigated through the craziness of falling in love in a small town. Maybe you can take the girl out of the city and she can thrive or maybe not. Everyone should read this so they can learn why not to wear high heels ever, or try ice cream at a fair, or mess with a pig. Scarlet has a mouth that won’t quit and fire in her soul. She is just what this good ole country boy needs. They take each other out of their comfort zones in the best way. This is a feel good story you won’t put down.

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