Oct. 25, 2018

The Other Blue Sky: Surviving the Holocaust by Shari J. Ryan

The Other Blue Sky: Surviving the Holocaust by Shari J. Ryan is a story that shatters your views on what you think you know about life. 


Very few people can say they were born inside a concentration camp during the Holocaust. Disease, starvation, and much worse, prevented most prisoners from surviving.

For infants, it was nearly impossible.  I became an anomaly. I shouldn't be alive.

As a child, I didn't know my life was different from that of others. I had nothing to compare it to, and I had no insight about the day I was born ... until the moment I overheard the truth.  In a split second, I became a stranger to my reflection, my name, and my reason for being. I was not Annie anymore, and the people raising me were not my parents. Even the blue sky I cherished became an unfamiliar sight.

I felt utterly alone in a foreign world, but that changed when I met another person who was lost, like me. Fisher offered his hand to hold and began to prove his theory of, "When two missing people find one another, they can consider themselves found."

Fisher enlightened me, and through him, I gained a deeper understanding of life. Now, I know there are two sides of the beautiful, blue sky. I'm on one side, and my lost loved ones are on the other, but at the end of it all, we'll be together again under the one and only sky.

Tracey’s Review:

This story shatters your views on what you think you know about life. It gives you a whole other perspective that everyone should see in my opinion. Shari, just like with Last Words, you have touched a piece of my heart and soul forever. My heart just broke for Annie and sometimes I couldn’t breathe whether from holding my breath or from feeling her pain, frustration or sadness. You collected my tears that’s for sure. Human Beings are such resilient people that it amazes me every day the situations and events we can live through. Annie is absolutely incredible, and I adore her so much.

Shari, thank you for writing this gut wrenching and fascinating story. Everyone needs to be reminded that when we look up at that blue sky we really aren’t living the same life as each other.

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