Nov. 12, 2018

Tailor Made by Tasha Lewis

Tailor Made by Tasha Lewis is a great debut novel that pulled us right in with its uniqueness!



Dating, who has time for that? Between working and my art, I have room for nothing else. That is until my best friend sets me up on Tailor Made: a website where I can design the perfect guy and my dream date. Crazy? I thought so too. Until he shows up and proves me wrong. It’s supposed to be just one night of fun, but in my life, things rarely go according to plan.


Working at Tailor Made is the perfect arrangement: all the perks of dating without the commitment. Between school, two jobs and raising my sister, I don’t have time for relationships, nor the demands that come with them. Then a client books me for a night out and I know, one night will never be enough. What’s supposed to be a simple date, just a job, flips my world upside down.

Sometimes the perfect fit comes along when you least expect it.

Tracey’s Review:

Tailor Made is a great debut novel that pulled me right in with its uniqueness. I became invested in these characters from the start and wanted them to have a HEA. Mason and Rayleigh made me giddy especially after their spectacular date. You need to read this book just for the “I’ve got you” alone. The bond between siblings Mase and Shelby just strengthened this story for me. The teasing and witty banter along with the heartbreak and longing gave my heart a whirl and had me engaged with these characters like I was living through it with them. Tasha this book is sweet, savory and full of hope. Thank you for reminding me to chase my dreams and never settle. This story is refreshing and special and Tailor Made with love.

Ceej’s Review:

Tailor Made is a sweet novel that pulls at the heartstrings.  I really enjoyed Rayleigh and Mason and their relationships with the people closest to them.  How often do we read novels where there’s way too much strife between people who should have each other’s backs?  Or where the male and female protagonists fight so much you wonder why we’re focused on their story?  This story had a strong message of hope and encouragement and I loved that.  And this is a debut novel. 

Normally, I don’t go for debut novels, but the blurb was too interesting to pass up. This group of characters kept that interest up and reminded me that sweetness is beautiful, too.  Then the “I’ve got you” got ME.  Yowza.

Great job, Tasha Lewis!  I can’t wait for more from you!


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Author Bio:

Tasha Lewis is a romance author who grew up with her head in the clouds. Her passion for life has always kept her dreaming and moving forward. She believes in fate and is a true romantic at heart. Tasha is certain that anything can be solved with a good cup of coffee and a dog or two at your side.

When she isn’t reading, which isn’t often, she is usually working on a craft or three – she can never just stick with one. Join her on her journey of publication, crocheting and any other craft she is working on.


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