Jan. 11, 2019

Wanted: An Outlaw Anthology by 20 bestselling authors! Drop a Gear and Disappear: Kings of Venge

Wanted: An Outlaw Anthology by 20 bestselling authors!   

Drop a Gear and Disappear: Kings of Vengeance MC by Winter Travers is a story full of drama and suspense!


Get ready to go for a thrill ride with 20 dangerous bad boys who live on the wrong side of the law!

This anthology of never before released stories about bikers, gangsters, and vigilantes features 20 of your favorite bestselling authors!


Included in the anthology:

Lane Hart, NYT bestselling author - Dalton: Savage Kings MC - ATF Agent Bradley never suspected that the pretty, charismatic bastard was actually an unrepentant thief, born to be an outlaw.

Angela Snyder, NYT bestselling author - Devious - When the moment comes to take my revenge on Victoria's father, will I be able to pull the trigger if it means losing her forever?

Sybil Bartel, USAT bestselling author - Hard Limit - I didn't survive growing up in the nation's most violent cult only to be taken out by an innocent blonde.

Rachel Lyn Adams - Mac (Desert Sinners MC #1) - The moment she walked into the clubhouse I knew she was off-limits. That wasn't going to stop me from making her mine.

Kim Bailey - Claiming Chaos - Kira was a voice in the dark and a threat to his control. A chaotic beauty who Bodhi must fight, kill for or claim as his own.

Laramie Briscoe - Creeker (Red Creek Renegades #1) - As a Creeker, I live by two rules. Don't f**k Banner Clark and don't get caught doing illegal shit, but then again I've never been a fan of rules.

Marissa Dobson - Road to Kaytlyn - It takes kidnapping to bring two separated lovers together, but can they survive the walk through Hell?

Geri Glenn - Hood Rat - Georgia knew the south side was going to be rough, but she never dreamed she'd come up against anyone quite like Tripp.

Amanda Heartley - Flynn: Bad Breed MC - Violence has followed me all my life, and it got worse the day I joined the Bad Breed MC.

Marie James - Desperate Beginnings: A Ravens Ruin Prequel - My dreams never contained hope. My nightmares always included brutality. For me, it was always a desperate beginning.

Keri Lake - ABSOLUTION - After one of his penitents confesses a brutal murder, Father Damon breaks canon law to mete out justice and ends up an unlikely pawn to the woman who witnesses his crime.

Daphne Loveling - Rebel Ink: A Lords of Carnage MC Novella - Six is on the run, and she collides with Bullet. He protects what's his, and she's been his from the moment they met.

Liberty Parker - Walking the Crossroad - When Jasper and Knuckles started their MC, it was due to the Crossroads they found themselves crossing in life.

S.H. Richardson - Dread Masonry Ink - One hardened man looking for redemption. A broken girl looking for safety. An unlikely alliance forged in stone.

Roxy Sinclaire - SEALed to Protect - Could she believe that he was her protector? Or just her family's traitor?

Winter Travers - Drop a Gear and Disappear: Kings of Vengeance MC - The only person I ever loved, taken by the men who wanted me dead. They may have her now, but vengeance will be mine.

Erin Trejo - Dark Savage - I've lowered myself to their standards to keep my club safe. One woman and more than one mistake bring my end closer.

J.M. Walker - Before Us - When she slipped out of my hotel room, I made it my mission to have her back in my bed. And when we finally crashed, I'd have to save her from the one person she trusted most…Me.

D.B. West - King's Road - Hold on tight for a ride down memory lane in this Savage Kings MC prequel.

Trisha Wolfe - Cellar Door - After witnessing a murder, Makenna is abducted by a vigilante and taken to his underground lair where she unravels a secret that entangles both their lives.

Tracey’s Review:

If you love sexy MC bad boys/good men and all their fantastic trimmings, then this awesome collection is for you. It is smoking hot! There is something for everyone.


Drop A Gear and Disappear - ❤️🔥

Winter Travers this story was full of drama and suspense. I was invested in the good guys and wanted the bad ones to suffer. Quinn and Kimber were a great match for one another. I like how new friendships and bonds were started because they all had a common goal. I wish this story was a hundred more pages because I didn’t want it to end. I think the title of the book was spot on. Winter your stories always pull me in until the last word has been read and this one was no exception.

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