Jan. 29, 2019

Redlight (Nitro Crew Book 3) by Winter Travers

Redlight (Nitro Crew Book 3) by Winter Travers starts with a red light but it was nothing but green for me from the word go!!



Jay Perez has it all.

A great job.

Amazing friends.

An endless stream of girls that come running at the crook of a finger.

Long days at work and late nights partying don’t leave Jay much time to think about anything but where he and his race team are off to next.

And then Delaney obliterates everything with a few simple words.

“You’re the father of my baby.”

It’s all go, go, go until Jay hits the red light. Now it’s time to put the brakes on his party lifestyle and think about someone besides himself.



Tracey’s Review:

Winter Travers always brings me home again with her characters and I have such a soft spot for Jay and Delaney. From the first time he called her babe and she lost her mind, I knew this book was going to be so good! I couldn’t imagine being in her shoes when they met up again, but afterward I wanted to be her. Even through the fun, heartache and trouble there was nothing but love right under their nose, if only someone wasn’t so stubborn. This book made me laugh, tear up, and get all excited because I wanted Jay to cuddle me and love me like that. That man is swoon worthy and the perfect match for Del. They bring out the best in each other and push the walls down that needed to be broken. Winter Travers this book may have started with a red light but it was nothing but green for me from the word go! Don’t stop on red, read this book!

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