Feb. 28, 2019

Buried Hearts (In the Dark Book 3) by C.E. Johnson

Buried Hearts (In the Dark Book 3) by C.E. Johnson will have you turning the pages reaching for that happily ever after!



Our love was unstoppable.

Our bond, unbreakable.

Until it wasn't.

An impossible choice had to be made.

Lies were told.

Hearts were broken.


Though the years have passed, Jolene Barrington still looks just as beautiful as the day I met her.

Except the golden hue that once shined in her eyes has tarnished.

She's in trouble.

And she needs me to be the same man I was before.

But that's impossible.

That man's heart is no longer in his chest.

It's buried six feet under.


Tracey’s Review:

Wow! Buried Hearts just took top spot as my favorite C.E. Johnson book. This story is so emotional and it has something for everyone! Once you read it, you will be giddy with excitement because it’s just that darn good! Paul is such a tormented soul because he is holding on to a secret and a situation from his past! It’s amazing how when you make decisions with the best of intentions, things can still spiral out of control. Jolene is heartbroken for more than one reason, but full of fire that should never be tamed. I needed Paul and Jo to be together as much as I needed my next breath! And who knew I was going to have such a soft spot for Everest!

You need to read this book to find out the significance of the red dress, the dream, and “fancy” alone. The elements of surprise, fear, hope and love will have you turning the pages reaching for that happily ever after. Once you read this story I hope you think the title and cover are perfect because I sure do. This couple and this story touched me in such a magical way that I couldn’t keep the smile off my face when it was over. Ms. Johnson my heart is no longer buried in this story because I’m shouting out to everyone that it must be read. 


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