Mar. 24, 2019

Dirty Talk: Speak Your Dirty Mind! Why Your Words Will Turn Your Partner On by Brian Hughes

Dirty Talk: Speak Your Dirty Mind! Why Your Words Will Turn Your Partner On by Brian Hughes is a well-written guide that is done in a funny, sexy, inspiring, and yes, dirty way!



Brace yourself, fellow traveler of the world; this book is no ordinary read. It will likely challenge ideals which you’ve held for many years, and it may touch you in your most private places. Being a great dirty talker allows you to get dirty anytime, anywhere, and to do so with the confidence that your partner will be fully engaged in the act with you.

It might seem counterintuitive to focus on verbal banter for the purposes of improving your sex life, but just remember that intellectual intuition often gets in the way of fantastic sex. One of the best pieces of advice which you will receive in this book is to think less and act on your desires. And perhaps the best and fastest way to communicate those desires to your partner is to say something. So spit out the ball gag -- don’t worry, you can put it back in later -- and use your tongue for something other than massaging your partner‘s hot spots.

Even if you’re not currently sexually active, this book can still be an excellent tool for you. As you will learn, dirty talk is a powerful tool when it comes to seduction and foreplay. If you strike up a conversation with someone you find attractive, but are unsure of how to escalate things from there, this book will give you some options and ideas.

So whether you’re a single woman or man, a couple, or a member of a committed ménage à cinq, you may find this book of assistance. Whether you’re a beginner banger or an experienced swinger, there are sections of this book dedicated to helping you reach new levels of orgasmic bliss.

In detail, this book allows you to…

Stop playing the shame game and start taking what you want

    Identify the best sources for your sexy vocabulary

    Better understand your desires and choose the right words for you

    Find the best approach to dipping your toes into dirty talk

    Explore your partner‘s interests and boundaries

    Get inspired by 400+ dirty talk examples for every situation

    Experiment with seductive language for every kind of kink – from romantic sex to BDSM

    Integrate dirty talk into different roleplay scenarios

    Be intimate with your partner at any distance through the art of sexting

If you want to take the first step on this magical journey, scroll up and grab your copy today!

Ceej’s Review:

Dirty Talk is a well-written guide that is done in a funny, sexy, inspiring, and yes, dirty way!  It is not just for those who are shy and in experienced.  There are hundreds of examples that even the well-experienced dirty talker can take inspiration from.

I found this to be a great guide to dirty talk, or sexual communication.  Too many people find this to be taboo, but how many of us find talking dirty find that it enhances our senses and experiences?  Mr. Hughes expands on this point very well throughout book.  I enjoyed the case studies, the examples, and the explanations!  This could also help with those times when your partner is traveling, you know, with sexting, phone sex, and video sex; being verbal with what you want and need.

  This is one book that I’d definitely recommend to friends, no matter their experience!

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