Mar. 29, 2019

Clash (Fallen Lords MC Book 6) by Winter Travers

Clash (Fallen Lords MC Book 6) by Winter Travers is a story full of passion, pain, hope and love!



Raven‘s secrets have shaped the woman she is; solitary and closed off. After being let down by the one person that should have always been there, Raven has built her wall up so high, nobody could possibly scale them. She takes care of herself. She has her own back. She might live surrounded by her brother’s club, the Fallen Lords MC, but the family and brotherhood they preach is a load of crap and she isn’t buying any of it.



Babysitting his president’s baby sister isn’t a hardship. Keeping Raven safe from the Ultra isn’t a problem for a man like Clash either. Keeping her from being destroyed by her inner demons is what threatens to bring him to his knees. When truths come to light and clash with reality, Clash is determined to be the one Raven can count on. Even if she refuses to admit it’s what she needs.

Tracey’s Review:

Winter pulled me right into this story with the fire and the grit. If you read this book and you don’t want Clash for yourself, you are crazy. He is sexy and sweet, but strong and loyal. Clash is my new book boyfriend. Raven is a spitfire full of sass and she isn’t afraid to speak her mind. They are my new favorite couple. I want Raven to be my crazy bestie. You need to read this book to find out about barbecue barbies, bitch dust, cow overalls and Raven’s secret alone. I also love having the crew back together. You know there will never be a dull moment in the MC. Family and Friendship are taken to a whole new level in this book. Winter, I devoured this sexy story full of passion, pain, hope and love, but I adored the HEA!


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