Aug. 5, 2016

"Separating the wheat from the chaff"

Lost another friend today.  I’m not saying that she died.  I mean that I lost her friendship due to ignorance.  She had been asking me why I had been sick for so long and I told her the truth and explained about the disease that I’m living with.  She decided that she couldn’t be friends with me anymore because she doesn’t want to “get” my disease.  She wouldn’t even listen when I tried to tell her that she can’t “get” it by being friends with me.  I am trying hard to remember that good people, those that are worth keeping around wouldn't brush me off because of a disease that I have. Maybe part of "Trust the journey" (the phrase by my friend and favorite author, Audrey Carlan, that has been helping me with my fight and is tattooed on my right forearm) is to not give up when people give up on you. I know I'm better off without this so called "friend" that ditched me, but it doesn't hurt my heart any less. I will not do anything stupid because of this.  It’s really not worth it.  I have to and will stay strong and focused. 

I also posted this situation on my Facebook status.  People have told me that they think I share stuff like this for attention.  They are not wrong.  I try to help people and that includes sharing a lesson that I’ve learned or that I want people to learn.  It does also help me to remember that I have many wonderful and loving people in my life.  When someone breaks my heart, I need the reminder that others won’t do the same thing.  It also helps me to remember that I need to be understanding and loving to others.  I need to continue to love and lift others up not only daily, but every chance I get.

I guess what I'm saying is, if someone is opening their heart enough to be honest with you and you can't remain friends, be gentle. For someone to share something that affects them deeply, it takes a lot of courage and strength.  Just be gentle.  You never know what you could be pushing that person to do or feel.