Dec. 2, 2016


Yesterday was World AIDS Day, a hard day for me.  However, it was also a good one for personal reflection. 

I used to watch shows and read stories online about wonderful things happening to people.  I used to think, “Why can’t anything wonderful happen to me?”  I had days where I wished I died because I thought no one could or would care for me (beyond my best friends and family).  Not anymore.  My head and heart are no longer in that ugly place.  I am grateful that I wake up every single day, regardless if I’m feeling sick or not.  I’m blessed to be alive.  However, this year has been simply amazing and life-changing.  Don’t get me wrong, I have my bad or hard times.  I’m grateful for them too.  On top of the immense love from my best friends, family, and pals, I made some fabulous new friends who helped multiply that love and brought so much light.  This is the wonderful thing that has happened to me. 

Now everyone who knows me knows that I absolutely love Audrey Carlan.  She is not “just” a mother, wife, sister, soul sister, friend, global phenomenon, and incomparable author.  She’s also my blessing and friend.  On top of everything she has done for me, she provided the connection I needed to connect to amazing people.  I met my angel sister, Michelle, who never fails to make me laugh maniacally. Then I found a part of my heart that was missing, which I didn’t even know I was missing: my soul sister Tracey.  Then my darling Ingrid in Australia, my girl Wendy in Canada, and my pals in Brazil and all over the US.  I also got to meet an amazing woman who is also a fabulous author, marvelous person, AND my friend, Angel Payne.  She has given me so much more than I could ever repay.  Can you say, blessed?

My world has been illuminated.  I get to help more people.  It is so much fun.  A few authors have asked me to read and review their work.  It means a lot when they value my opinion.  Some friends and family think that I should get paid for the work I put into the stuff I do.  The thing is, I do.  I just don’t do it for money.  I’ve reached a point in my life where there are more important things than money (and yes, money is still needed, but not for my happiness).  Do you genuinely know how it feels when someone smiles because of something you did?  That even though they have worries, you were able to make them smile?  Or even lift their spirits a bit?  It’s astonishing and it’s a gift that just keeps on giving. 

So all of this is the wonderful thing that has happened to me.  My two words for this year are: blessed and grateful.  What are yours?  Take the time to think about it.


Until later…be safe and be kind to one another.