Feb. 22, 2017

Say this: I am beautiful.

Today’s post is sparked by a few things: “Scars and Tats” by Kristi Pelton, words of wisdom from a lady who works next door to me, and a blog post written and shared by one of my favorite people...and maybe a little bit of my personal view.  Many people have problems with this.  Many people deny that they have problems with this because it’s not “cool” or “normal” to admit it.  As you read this, I ask that you repeat this.  I ask that you repeat this one sentence throughout your day, every day, until you fully believe it.

“I am beautiful.”

You have to believe that you’re beautiful.  Inside and out.  All too often, we look in the mirror and only see our flaws, whether they are physical scars, blemishes, abnormalities, side effects of diseases or medications, or even just our acquiescence of society’s overbearing perception of flaws.  To me, there is something beautiful in each of those (except the last one).  Physical scars are proof that we’re alive, that we survived something.  Blemishes can be a sign of enjoyment.  Now I know that sounds weird because that’s often a sign of poor eating or hygiene habits.  I prefer to see it as something human and that the person has someone found enjoyment in something.  Honestly, I do not care if people disagree.  I try to find something good in everything, no matter how small.  As for abnormalities or the side effects of diseases or medications, I think it’s the same thing as physical scars.  It’s proof that we’re alive, we survived something, and/or that we’re fighting something.

Now say or think to yourself: I am beautiful.

“Scars and Tats” by Kristi Pelton is a fantastic novel that teaches or reminds us that scars are not something to be looked down on.  To me, it’s a sign of pride.  Pride in our ability to survive.  Pride in our courage.  Pride in our strength.  Like tattoos, scars tell a story.  It’s just up to you to be honest about it and make sure that the story is one that you can be proud of because you learned a lesson.  Many of you know that I have tattoos almost everywhere and have stories for each of them.  Do you know that I have scars everywhere too?  They have stories just like the tattoos.  Now how I got those scars may not be something to be proud of, but I’m proud of the fact that I learned lessons from them.  Be proud of yours.

Say or think to yourself: I am beautiful.

I have self-esteem issues because of my size and weight.  A lot of it is ingrained from my upbringing, even more of it is from what I’ve learned from society’s perception of “normal” or beautiful, yet more is from how I’ve been treated by others.  Many of you know that I crack jokes all the time about my size and weight, and that some of you get angry when I do so.  I need you to understand that I crack jokes about myself only.  It really doesn’t reflect my thoughts about others.  Also, I’m not putting myself down.  It’s my way of coping.  I even crack myself up with them.  Most of the time, I embrace how I look.  I even think it’s a lot of fun.  There’s a lot of fun to be had by being built like a linebacker (don’t get mad you guys) because it comes in handy in crowds or when people are being obnoxious and need to be knocked down a peg without throwing a punch.  This morning as I was coming in to work, one of the ladies that works next door to my office stopped me and asked me why I buy and wear baggy clothes.  The thing is, I don’t buy baggy clothes.  The ones I wear (besides my customized fangirl hoodies or beanies) are ones that I’ve had for a long time.  She told me that since it’s obvious I’m losing weight, that I should adjust my clothing accordingly.  She said that she thinks beautiful, curvy girls like me need to show off their curves.  Now before you get irritated on my behalf, because I can just hear some of you (LOL), this lady is one that always has a sweet word for me and worried about me when they took me out of here on an ambulance a couple years ago.  I didn’t take offense that she was criticizing my clothing.  I didn’t tell her to mind her own business.  Why?  Because she’s a sweet lady that cares.  Because she reminded me that I need to remember that I am beautiful.

Now say it WITH me: I am beautiful.

The blog post was written by THE Goddess, Heather of White Hot Reads, someone that I adore and appreciate.  Often, when I read something she posted, I feel that she was pulling those words out of my heart and mind.  I have actually messaged her and asked her what she was doing in there.  While the entire post was perfect, this one section hit me the hardest because it truly made me think:

“What about you?  Are you covered in scars and tattoos?  Are you writing your

own book of love even through the hard times?” ~Heather

Think about it.  I am.

One more time, say or think to yourself: I am beautiful.

Adios for now beautifuls!


As always, until later…be safe and be kind to one another.