May. 16, 2017

Gratitude.  Appreciation.  Do you share yours?

Gratitude.  Appreciation.  Do you share yours?  Sometimes, people seem to believe that saying, “thank you” isn’t cool or is too sappy, or even lame.  My opinion?  It’s necessary, not just to be polite, but it means something to those you say or show it to.  I am lucky, no wait, blessed to be surrounded by people who always make sure I know and feel that they appreciate me no matter what I do.  Or don’t do.  It helps me to remember that I have a purpose, even when I’m at a point where I don’t feel it.

I’m human.  I have those moments where I doubt myself and my worth.  I doubt that I make a difference at all.  I doubt that I help others as much as I think I do.  However, my friends and fam, and those that are both, never let me forget it.  Guess who’s blessed?

Do you take the time to share your appreciation?  I'm not going to judge you whether you do or not.  Take a minute to think about the question.  Do people take the time to share their appreciation for you?  When they do, it's a wonderful feeling, isn't it?  For me, I feel like I have a purpose and I'm a step closer to fulfilling that purpose.  I feel valued, trusted, and even loved.  My plan from this moment on is to share that beautiful feeling by saying and doing whatever I can to make sure that those I appreciate know it and feel it.  It honestly only takes a moment and lasts for a very long time.  Literally, to those reading this post, THANK YOU.  Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my words.  Every time someone reads the words from my heart, I'm closer to fulfilling my purpose.  I truly appreciate you.

One note before I end this post.  I sent a few messages out to a few people and one jokingly commented that it sounded like a “goodbye” message.  I am so glad she knows better though that kept me laughing hard for a bit.  So, if you got a message from me saying thank you, don’t trip.  I just wanted to express my gratitude.

 Make sure you tell the people you appreciate how much you do.  It’s never wrong to lift others up, especially with a “thank you” because those words mean a lot to those you give them to, in any form.  THANK YOU for reading.


Until laters beautifuls…be safe and be kind to one another.