Jul. 25, 2017


We all struggle, right?  But do we think about others struggling?  If we know they are, are we being compassionate?  Or are we so focused on ourselves that we don’t care?  Don’t get me wrong, you need to take care of yourself.  What I’m asking is if we try to better the lives of others by actually helping and not hindering.  Please don’t take this to mean that I’m asking everyone to coddle each other.  I’m asking for everyone to be compassionate, especially towards the people we know whose emotional stability is teetering.

Do we know if they struggle every day to stay alive?  Do we wonder if they wake up every day, sad because they’re alive to fight another day?  Do we know if they wish they died in their sleep?  Do we know if they’re fighting things that would cause others to crumble?  Do we know if that person has attempted to end it all?  DO WE KNOW? 

How often do we tell our friends, or family members of the heart, to call when they need us?  And when they call, do we find a way to turn the focus on ourselves?  Do we stop and consider the words we’re about to share with them?  Or do we interrupt them by whining or complaining, or even bitching about our own issues?  Or are we the friend that is truly there with an ear or shoulder?  Have you sarcastically commented on someone’s food choice even though you know  they have a problem eating and keeping food down?  If you have, have you thought about the damage you may have wrought?  I’m not throwing shade.  I’m asking genuine questions.  I just want people to think.  On the other side, I have more questions.

Are you someone who pushes yourself to encourage others though your head and heart is filled with darkness and pain?  Do you do it because you need to be able to lift one other person up?  Do you always put yourself last and have the hardest time reaching out or asking for help? 

Are you that person that is struggling so hard?  Do you feel like you’re alone?  Have you been on the sad end of these questions?  Do you feel that there is no one that can understand your pain?  How often have you reached out, even when you don’t feel like it or know if others on the other end are willing to help?  If you have said yes to any of these questions, yet are still the one to hold a hand out to help others up, do you feel like it's pointless?  Do you feel guilty for being depressed?  Do you feel like you’re letting others down when you take time for yourself?  Do you wish you could give up and end it all?  I feel you.  I feel your pain, frustration, and sorrow.  DO NOT GIVE UP.  PLEASE.

Keep reaching out.  I guarantee that there are others who know you.  By that, I mean they know your pain.  They know your struggle.  They know your heart.  I promise that it’s worth the effort to find them if you don’t already have them in your life.  One of my absolute favorite people in the world, a woman wise beyond her years, constantly says, “take care of you.”  Do what it takes to get better.  Do what it takes for you to feel better.  Take care of YOU.

If you’ve honestly answered, “no” to the first several questions, please don’t get mad.  Please don’t get down on yourself.  All I ask is that you think.  We affect others deeper than we know.  If you want to, join me in being compassionate and loving.  Be the one to turn someone else’s life around for the better.  It really does not take much effort.


Until laters beautifuls…be safe and be kind to one another.