Nov. 11, 2016

Into His Dark (The Cimarron Series #1)

I learned of this wonderful author through my favorite author.  Angel Payne and I stalk…I mean follow her and became friends on Facebook.  I saw her posts and thought, “I could use a new addiction, gotta ask Angel where to start with her books!”  What a fabulous decision!

Into His Dark by Angel Payne is a wonderful novel about the fantastic: a normal American woman and the head of the mysterious royal family of Arcadia.  The small and beautiful island is not progressive and the people have never allowed Westerners on their land.  Camellia “Cam” Saxon finds herself working with a film crew thanks to her film graduate buddy on Arcadia.  Evrest Cimarron is the king of Arcadia.  He is a young king that is doing his best to make his kingdom more prosperous and more progressive, so he granted permission for the small film crew to work on his island.  There shouldn’t be more to it than that, right?  Oh boy.  There is quite a bit more. 

Cam must focus on the immense responsibility thrust upon her shoulders by her film graduate buddy.  Her focus is not only on ensuring that the filming is done within budget and on time, she has to ensure that the tentative friendship between the Arcadians and the Americans strengthens instead of severs.  She didn’t plan on ensnaring the interest of the king.  He was the darkly sensual man of her dreams.  She was the bright and beautiful one of his.  Would they be able merge their worlds and find true love?  You must read it to find out!

I believe that I would have enjoyed having Cam as a friend.  She's hilarious!  As for Evrest, what straight woman in her right mind wouldn't want him?  He's so yummy and romantic!

Normally, I am not into the whole monarchy-romance thing, but I was drawn in right away.  I loved Into His Dark!  Angsty romances are my favorites, and Angel Payne delivered!  It had me laughing and chuckling.  One particular part early on in the book had me sighing with wistfulness.  Another part had me going, “Holy sh**!  No freaking way!  That’s impossible!”  I have never encountered an aspect like that in all the books I have ever read.  What is that aspect?  You must read it to find out!  Trust me, it’s worth it.  Then yet another part had tears falling down my cheeks and my chest hurting, with a dose of, "Oh hell no.  No he didn't!"  Yep, I am a sap and very reactive, but whew!  Not every book I read has that effect on me.  Lastly, but certainly not least, this book was HOT!

Angel Payne, if you ever read this, thank you.  I applaud you.  I am VERY picky about the books that I read definitely have another fan in me!  I even began to resent having to work for a living because I didn’t want to be interrupted when enjoying your book.  I can’t wait to read more of them!

Go!  Get Into His Dark now!  You won’t regret it.

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