Nov. 11, 2016

Naughty Little Gift (Temptation Court: Passion in New York #1)

Angel Payne has quickly become one of my handful of favorite authors.  There is a reason that she is a USA Today Bestseller.  It seems that magic simply flows from her and into her work.  Naughty Little Gift is a magical combination of laughter, love, angst, action, and serious hotness!

Naughty Little Gift – A Temptation Court Contemporary Romance is the first book in the Temptation Court series, and I was hooked from page one.  This is the beginning of the tumultuous story of Cassian Court, an American billionaire and the consultant to the Arcadian king, and Mishella Santelle, a beautiful woman of the Arcadian Court.

Cassian Court is a powerful man of means.  His world collides with Mishella’s when his friend Evrest, the King of Arcadia, asks him to consult on the modernization of the island.  Cassian is the focus of desire for many women, including Mishella herself, and her best friend Vylet.  He has the body that they practically drool over, the body of a god.

Mishella Santelle is a woman of the Arcadian Court, a clerk and secretary to Princess Brooke Cimarron.  It is her duty to teach her Princess about royal decorum as well as to tend to every need.  Mishella, with her outer and inner beauty, became the focus of Cassian’s desire at their first meeting at the party thrown by King Evrest.  When she gets over the shock of being bargained to Cassian via a multimillion dollar contract, she quickly learns that this may be what she needs to be free of the life thrust upon her.

Mishella’s beautiful innocence and Cassian’s haunting worldliness combine to make this a wonderful fairy tale.  Where else can a woman who is the right hand to a princess and a man who commands his own empire meet?  Mishella is taken from her island home to the jungle of New York City for six months.  The question is, will the six-month contract limit their relationship?  While Cassian uses the contract to explore and hopefully wear out his desire and craving for her, will he learn that his need isn’t simply physical?  You need to read it to find out!

I loved how prim and proper Mishella tried to be, especially in front of her princess.  She is tasked to teach her royal decorum, after all.  When the antics of Vylet and Brooke break through that barrier, it’s hilarious to watch.  I could see Mishella chastising herself even as she gives in.  It showed that she does have a wicked sense of humor under all that polish.  Mishella, or Ella as Cassian calls her, is a character that I love.  She has that sense of humor, a strength of heart and mind, and a resilience that is necessary for a woman in a strange world with an Alpha male.  I loved how she constantly mixed up American sayings and her confusion at metaphors.  It made her more endearing.  Though she has an innate strength of her own, she brought up my protective instincts, reminding me of how I am with my own little sister.

Cassian’s inner war with himself was very entertaining.  It was like watching a man fight with his conscience.  Even though he couldn’t see it yet, I knew that he loved his Ella.  I look forward to watching him discover it himself.  I also look forward to watching him exorcize his ghosts and embrace the love that his Ella offers in her eyes.

One last thing before ending this review: there are two people in this story that I would enjoy throat-punching.  Oh if I only had the chance, I would do it for Mishella!  Who are they?  Read it to find out!

Once again, Angel Payne has created a novel that I can’t keep from devouring.  I barely started this one before one-clicking book two and preordering book three.  I have to know what happens!  Angel, you got me hooked!  My fellow readers/book lovers, you must, must, must, get this book now!

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