Nov. 11, 2016

Pretty Perfect Toy (Temptation Court: Passion in New York #2)

Just when I think that it doesn’t get better, it does!  Angel Payne puts forth yet another “WOWZER” of a novel!  This book blew my mind so hard that I had to stop, take a break, then go back and reread from the beginning.  Pretty Perfect Toy is so much more than the title suggests. 

Oh boy, is it!

Pretty Perfect Toy – A Temptation Court Contemporary Romance is book two in the Temptation Court saga.  We rejoin Cassian Court and Mishella “Ella” Santelle in New York City, where they indulge in their attraction and need for each other.  Temptation Manor, Cassian’s home, is a place of secrets.  When some of those secrets are revealed, Cassian becomes the target of violence.  The injury recovery has to take time away from what Cassian designated for himself to enjoy Ella, but he, of course, as an Alpha male chooses to go against doctor’s orders.  With a woman like Ella by his side, can we really blame him?

One thing that I love about Cassian is that he uses nicknames for Ella in her own language.  To me, when a man chooses to learn his woman’s language, it’s a huge deal and would make me melt.  Sometimes, men do things like that but are inconsistent with it.  Cassian is very consistent with the endearments because they truly come from within.  I love that!  In a completely unexpected twist, Cassian is the one trying to savor the moment and their love while Ella forces them to look at gritty reality.  Ella struggles to protect her heart by being realistic and surprisingly self-deprecating.  She reminds me of myself.  This aspect of her reminds me that while I enjoy poems and flowers, gritty reality is what keeps me present and protects my heart from pain.  Ella even relegates herself to a few specific American “titles”, which Cassian doesn’t appreciate and struggles to dispose of.  His vehemence toward it makes me appreciate him even more. 

When Ella finds herself becoming a fascinating new toy in New York due to her relationship with Cassian, she becomes the voice of reason when things spiral out of control.  Then, a shocking new twist spins her in and out of the world she was becoming accustomed to.  She’s forced to think on her feet even though it is breaking her heart.  This was the part that had me going, “No f****** way!  Holy sh**!”  I’d keep going with my reaction, but I am afraid that I’ll give more away.  You need to read the book!

Angel, you took my breath away, blew my mind, and made me fall in love with Cassian and Ella.  I enjoyed them before, but oh man do I love them now!  I will not settle for less than HEA. 

Bold Beautiful Love, here I come!

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