Nov. 11, 2016

Saved by His Submissive (WILD Boys of Special Forces)

Saved by His Submissive - WILD -- Warriors Intense in Love & Domination -- Boys of Special Forces is seriously HOT! Angel Payne is a consistently amazing writer. Though I am a newer fan, I am a dedicated and addicted one!

The dominant/submissive storyline hasn't been much of an interest to me until now. Saved By His Submissive isn't merely about a couple's sexual preferences or even sexual journey, but their love story.  That is the fine line that many readers don’t seem to grasp between erotica and erotic romance. It's much deeper (forgive the pun) than that. I learned quite a bit about the lifestyle in this single book and am intrigued.

Garrett Hawkins is Special Forces.  If you have never lived their lives or loved someone in the military, much less Special Forces, it’s hard to understand what they live with.  Then add in the stigma of the D/S lifestyle and dynamic. When the hero already has witnessed terror and pain due to his professional calling, the implications of the D/S lifestyle may completely freak him out, especially when he has “urges” when alone with his woman for the first time after a year-long separation (for lack of a better word).  I get why he reacted the way he did.

Sage Weston damn near came back from the dead a year after her medical unit was attacked and she and her partner were kidnapped.  She survived the kidnapping and abuse.  There are many of us who don’t know what goes through a person’s mind when they are forced with something like that.  Then again, there are also many of us that might be able to imagine it.  However, if you have never been through anything close to it, you cannot imagine what a person’s mind does to help them survive.  Not all of them remain terrified victims.  Some triumph and become stronger than they ever believed they could.   I wish I had half the courage that Sage has.

Garrett and Sage are two people who live through immense heartbreak and absolute terror, yet they manage to bring each other through hell to pure beauty.

There is a reason that Angel is one of my favorite authors.  With this book, she opened my mind to what I barely even entertained.  It was very enlightening.  I loved Saved By His Submissive and I know I’ll love the rest of the Wild Boys of Special Forces series!  If you haven't read it yet, go and get it now!

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