Nov. 12, 2016

Bold Beautiful Love (Temptation Court: Passion in New York #3)

My oh my.  Bold Beautiful Love, the conclusion of the Temptation Court: Passion in New York spin off the Cimarron series, is mind-blowing.  Angel Payne never ceases to amaze me with her talent and skill!

Cassian Court and Mishella Santelle had quite the journey!  They fought through the unknown, insecurities, American media, pain, distress, and demons.  Little did they know that they had terror and nightmares-come-to-life to fight through.  They were called back to Mishella’s Mediterranean island home thanks to a devastating crisis, which puts Cassian in the Arcadian crosshairs.  I could go on but you must read it to find out how that happens.

I intensely disliked Mishella’s parents before.  Now, I just want to smash my fists in their throats.  Actually, my real fantasy is a lot more violent but I will keep it to throat punches as this is a public review.  LOL.  Why do I want to hurt them?  Read the book, and you will not only understand why, you will want to join me.

As for Cassian, does history repeat itself?  Does he find himself helpless when it comes to the woman he loves?  Does he sacrifice everything for her?  Or does he make logical choices to ensure that Mishella remains safe and in his arms?  Read the book. <wink>

As with any book by Angel Payne, there are some heart-twisting moments, contented sighs, cold-shower-required (afterward) love scenes, and HEA!  I loved the entire Temptation Court: Passion in New York series, especially Bold Beautiful Love!  I just wish I could meet Cassian and Mishella!  If you haven’t read it yet, go and get it now!

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