Jan. 17, 2017

No Perfect Princess (Secrets of Stone #3) (with Victoria Blue)

No Perfect Princess by the magical duo of Angel Payne and Victoria Blue is the third amazing book in the Secrets of Stone series.  Based off the first two books, I just knew it was going to be another of my favorites, but there was a twist in it for me.  In the first book, No Prince Charming, I absolutely hated Margaux Asher.  Hated to the point where I wanted to tear her apart.  It just figures that Angel Payne and Victoria Blue would turn it around and make me not hate her anymore.  After my review for NPC, Angel warned me about No Perfect Princess and blew my ever-loving mind.  No details about it other than who the heroine is.  My head hurt so much from trying to process it.  I never once thought that I could ever love a character that I absolutely despised.  And boy did Victoria Blue prove me wrong.  Yes, Victoria, you can take your bow.  No one has ever done that in any of the books I’ve ever read!

Margaux Asher is the daughter of the owner of one of the prestigious public relations firms that Michael Pearson works for.  But as the title of the series says, she has secrets.  A shameful (to her) secret and a painful secret.  The way she opens little by little to Michael is just part of what made me love her.  Margaux was someone who manipulated people like she did facts and public perception.  She didn’t seem to care about just what her actions did to others.  When her world was upended, I believe that the hidden part of Margaux started to come out.  The part that I needed to see.  The vulnerable part was what I believe that drew Michael to her, despite all her bluster and bravado.  There were parts of Margaux that I saw in myself…and that shocked me, especially because I really hated her prior to this book!  LOL!

Michael Pearson also has secrets.  Some that were revealed, and some I fear that will be in the next book.  (Hint hint Angel and Victoria, I need No Magic Moment like now. LOL!)  I was only a fraction of the way in and I messaged both of them asking, “where are Michael’s balls???”  I am a woman who thoroughly enjoys alpha males.  Probably because I’m always attracting the ones that are…let’s just say not alphas.  To be honest, I really thought that Michael was going to be like that.  Margaux is a ball buster.  Like I am.  You know how people often say that opposites attract?  Well I thought that their story was going to be one where it proved those people right.  I was wrong.  People are often the ones that often mindfuck themselves so badly that they ignore their instincts…and their hearts.  I believe Michael was one of those.  However, when he brought out his alpha side…holy hotness!

I must be honest.  I finished reading No Perfect Princess a week ago.  It took me so long to write this review because I feel so deeply when it comes to Angel and Victoria’s work.  I was a bit hungover from the emotional blitz I went through with this book.  I had a couple moments of pure glee about two other characters from the previous two books that are important parts of Margaux’s life (and are in this book) and one devastating moment that broke my heart because I could sympathize with the situation.  One other thing that made me love Margaux was how she was there at the perfect time with the perfect heart though she’s No Perfect Princess.  I really enjoyed watching Margaux and Michael (M&M…I love M&Ms!) find each other and the bring out the beauty in each other.  Seeing as I’m new to the Secrets of Stone series, I have been warned a little bit about the rest of the series.  Angel and Victoria, should I stock up on tissues and fortify my furniture now or later?

Thank you Angel Payne and Victoria Blue for another amazing adventure.  I can’t wait for the rest!      

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