Mar. 22, 2017

Suited For Sin: Submit

Suited For Sin: Submit (previously published as Star of Wonder in the Kinky Truth Series) just proves that the amazing Angel Payne really has magic.  This is not just another romance novel, or even just an erotic romance novel.  It’s also not just another novel about BDSM.  It’s about the uniqueness of Power Exchange or Dominance and Submission.  There’s a lot to be learned and enjoyed on a personal level even if it’s not something you’re into.    

Dante Tieri…who wouldn’t love a gorgeous Italian man who can make you strip without even moving?  But what got to me was his vulnerability.  Hard to believe, right?  A strong, confident even cocky, Italian being vulnerable to a woman who has no idea of her worth?  Especially when that man learns something new about himself that opens a whole new world for him?  Just…WOW.

Celina Kouris…a lieutenant, a Naval JAG officer, a beautiful woman who makes Dante tremble and lose focus.  Gah I love it!  She knows that Dante is wealthy and it’s a turn-off for her thanks to some personal and familial heartbreak.  And what she in turn learns from him is simply amazing and is a lesson she’ll never forget.

As usual, Angel Payne rocks!  She took me from smirking to sighing to rubbing the ache out of my chest to belly laughs to grins of glee.  I always feel a little hungover when I finish any book she has written.  For me, that’s a good thing because it proves to me that she’s a powerful craftswoman.  I loved this story and it hits pretty close to home for me and taught me some new things as a person.  On the hotness scale, it’s beyond burning.  I have two words for you to remember if you haven’t read this yet: playroom and demonstration.  Holy hotness!!!

Thank you Angel for yet another amazing novel!!!!

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