Jan. 10, 2018

Wild (Honor Bound Book 4)

Wild (Honor Bound Book 4) is a book that feeds my need for more of my favorite Special Forces couples.  It extends that HEA glow and I cannot get enough of them!


The boys of the Special Forces battalion are back.
Five mini-episodes give emotional updates for the couples with whom you’ve fallen in love during the series’ first three books, as well as a not-to-be-missed preview of what’s in store for Tait Bommer and Kellan Rush in Wet, book five in the Honor Bound series.

“Raze the Barn”: Garrett and Sage reignite their flame as Dominant and submissive during a well-timed visit to see Wyatt and Josie on the farm, and a visit to “kinky barn” that neither will soon forget.

“Tie the Knots”: Garrett and Sage have finally said “I do,” but the knot-tying lessons have just begun for Zeke and Rayna, the best man and maid of honor who only have eyes—and other body parts—for each other.

“Diamonds In The Rain”: Ethan is taking Ava home to meet his parents, but when a mansion full of friends is invited for the occasion, there’s a storm of deeper conflict for the couple, requiring Runway to expose his “inner Dom” in a decadent new way.

“Glacier Girl”: Josie is burned-out and emotionally frozen until Wyatt whisks her away for a weekend full of erotic surprises—and one shocking surprise guest.

“Moonrise”: Their road to love was filled with the craziest twists life could deal before it completely blew up the route. Now, Luna is locked from Tait in a night that doesn’t seem to have an end. Can he bring the light of love back to her?

Ceej’s Review:

Wild is an amazing compilation of what has become to me, extended HEAs.  I am so addicted to these Special Forces men and the women they worship.  And that little shiver?  That doesn’t hurt, either.

In Raze the Barn, I went from pouting in commiseration to grinning to fanning myself.  Talk about hotness!  I wanted to hug Sage as well as force her to get some help.  While I loved the Barn, I admit that my favorite part was the conversation Garrett had with Wyatt and Josie.  I was wincing right along with Garrett, but I loved every single minute.

In Tie the Knots, my favorite, Zeke, damn near broke my heart.  Then he mended all the tears in such a spectacular way.  I understand his fight.  I understand how he feels as I have done the same things I have in the name of love.  My happiness returned when he found his.  I adore Rayna.  I had times where I just wanted to tell her to knock Zeke.  I felt her pain, her passion, her anger, and her joy.  She’s quite the powerhouse and the perfect mate for Zeke (well, besides me. LOL!)

In Diamonds in the Rain, Ava had me laughing in the first two pages.  I mean really?  How cute can she get?  But as THE partner for Ethan?  She couldn’t be any more perfect, regardless of her paranoia or the efforts of other people.  And I love the way she mixes in Spanish when she thinks or talks.  As for Ethan, coming from a background like his, you’d think he’d be snobby, especially considering that he’s known for his looks.  His reverence for the gift of Ava really endeared him to me.  And he really impressed me with how he stood up for his woman.  Their love is really quite beautiful.

In Glacier Girl…holy hotness.  I absolutely LOVED this glimpse into the beauty of Wyatt and Josie.  Such a wonderfully loving couple that contributed to the beauty of Garrett and Sage?  I needed more of them!  And what a glimpse!  Whew!  Is it hot in here or is it them?  Yowza.  That’s all I can say without giving anything away.

In Moonrise, all I could do was try to catch the tears as they fell.  Holy hell!  I’m sitting at my desk, trying to catch the tears before they hit my cheeks.  Thanks Angel, thanks a lot.  Whew!

To some these are short stories.  Normally, I can’t stand short stories.  However, I loved these because of Angel Payne’s enchanting talent.  I cannot wait for more from her!

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