Jun. 25, 2018

Bolt Saga: 4

Bolt Saga: 4 by the enchanting Angel Payne is a wicked HOT installment that shows just how perfectly angst and a certain super hero’s talents meld together!


Can love ignite a soul darkened by vengeance?

Life is beyond different as the girlfriend of a retired superhero, but to Emmalina Crist, the reward of loving Reece Richards is worth the cost. But when she comes across proof that Reece has been hiding a significant secret from her, their relationship is irrevocably rocked.

Reece might have hung up his crime-fighting leathers, but he’s continued dancing with danger by working covertly with ex-FBI hotshot Sawyer Foley to learn more about the Consortium—and how they can beat the sadistic scientists at their own game. While Reece denies revenge as his motivation for the hunt, he’s forced to reexamine his motivations when Sawyer brings a questionable ally into their inner circle—and a distraught Emma finds out.

Now, Reece has never been closer to unveiling the Consortium—but at what cost? His honor? His life? And what about the woman who has helped him redefine both? Is he willing to let Emma go in the name of vengeance? Or will their love be the light his soul truly needs?

Ceej’s Review:

Bolt Saga: 4 is a wicked HOT installment that shows just how perfectly angst and a certain super hero’s talents meld together.  It’s full of love and joy, pain and terror, anger and frustration, and a whole hell of a dose of delicious sexy time with our favorite super hero.

Reece Richards…is he really retired?  Is he a man that believes that while his actions are noble, that he’s right?  Or is he a man about to have his world turned upside down then his heart squeezed to within an inch of its life?  Gotta read it to find out!

Emmalina Crist…is she a woman who can stand placidly aside?  Will she be the understanding “little woman” while her “retired” alpha badass super hero of a man makes mysterious moves in the name of protecting her and defeating the Consortium?  Gotta read it to find out!

This installment is one that made me see an interesting side of both Reece and Emma.  It made me wonder if his ways and her needs will break them apart.  I adore books that make me think and draw me in to the point I’m yelling or cursing, or even gasping at the characters and their antics.  Bolt Saga: 4 does all of that!  Also, I admit that the whole sci-fi/paranormal thing is not my thing.  However, I cannot put these books down!  And who else, but Angel Payne makes me find pure enjoyment within the pages!  Gah!  I need more!

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