Jun. 26, 2018

Bolt Saga: 5

Bolt Saga: 5 by the enchanting Angel Payne is even hotter and filled with even more excitement than the previous installment!


Driven apart by fear… Reunited by danger…

Though it’s tearing him up, Reece Richards is determined to honor his woman’s wishes for some time alone in New York to work with the nonprofit organization she now leads—until a secret missive from the Consortium changes everything, forcing him to fly to the Big Apple in the name of protecting Emmalina Crist from those who wish to do her harm.

His plans on watching over her from afar are blown apart when her life is threatened—but even though he’s in exactly the right place at the right time, she’s not happy to see the man she left on the West Coast so she could get some clarity.

Now, her perspective is more jumbled than ever. She loves Reece, but doubts from her past and confusion about the present form a wall around her heart, making her wonder if she’s strong enough to be with a man—a superhero—like him on a long-term basis. Though their bodies burn for each other, is the bond of their souls just as formidable? Or is she the weak link in Reece’s armor that he can’t afford?

Ceej’s Review:

Bolt Saga: 5 is even hotter and filled with even more excitement than the previous installment!  My heart was in my throat with the ending of the previous one, and holy moly!  It made me even gladder that Reece has the powers he does.  My heart stopped, dropped, and about passed out from panic on both his and Emma’s behalf!

I love that while their situation is extraordinary, their relationship is fraught with the same things everyone else fights through.  It makes me appreciate them even more, because they’re not just a super hero and his perfect mate.  It actually makes me admire them because they have this whole other level that adds to the usual relationship pitfalls, and their basis isn’t sex or lust (though wowza theirs is freaking hot), it’s pure love.

Angel Payne, I need the next installment like yesterday!  Cliffies drive me nuts!  I need to know!  Gah!  This is my favorite installment so far.  It’s full of love, lust, excitement, dread, action, joy, sizzling hotness, and oh-my-gahs!

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