Jul. 31, 2018

Bolt Saga: 6

Bolt Saga: 6 by Angel Payne is the action-packed installment that I crave!


Trying to catch lightning in a bottle, they’ve messed with the wrong Bolt…

When a night of celebration goes horrifyingly awry, Reece Richards has to call upon a team of elite operatives to help him chase down the bastards who have taken his woman—and ripped out his heart.

But this ops mission is anything but one of their ordinary runs. The woman who holds Emmalina in her clutches also holds the key to a big chunk of Reece’s mysterious past—a hell he must face again in his bargain for Emma’s life. Only by latching his heart to Emma’s, and trusting in the connection of their love, will he be able to get her out of the ordeal alive—a demand that takes its toll on him in ways he hasn’t experienced.

What happens when Reece and Emma’s most frightening challenge is no longer those who are hunting them? What can a superhero do when he’s the biggest danger to the woman he loves? And what will that woman do to save them both from that hell?

Ceej’s Review:

Part: 6 had me gasping, talking, and yelling like I do with action movies.  That’s how I always feel reading a BOLT installment!  Angel!  Gah!!  I adored this part.  To take me from worry to panic to utter disbelief to complete jealousy (wink) to trying to keep my heart from melting, it just shows how effin’ enchanting and talented she is!  Gah I want to say more, but there’s so much and I can’t spoil it!

Angel Payne, you are a superhero rockstar!!!  I need more!!

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