Feb. 27, 2017

No Prince Charming (Secrets of Stone) (With Angel Payne)

I was lucky enough to be able to get an early read from Totally Bound! This is a newly revised edition and boy oh boy the feels! I'm addicted to seriously HOT books and No Prince Charming is definitely one of them! Wowzers Angel Payne and Victoria Blue, you amaze me.

Killian Stone has secrets. Claire Montgomery has secrets. We all do, right? But how many of us let those secrets run our lives for years? I'm not asking about simply living with them. I'm talking about letting them control even our basest instincts and emotions on a daily basis. Do Claire and Killian? Read it and find out.

I enjoyed Killian. He is definitely an alpha male that can make your toes curl at his whim...and even when he isn't trying (LOL). AND he is a billionaire alpha male. Gah I love that. What I loved about Killian (other than those two facts and his physical features <wink>), is that he isn't one of those that believes he can buy and sell people. Don't get me wrong, he's not perfect. And he's No Prince Charming.

As for Claire, I admire her inner strength and control. I'm more of an "antagonize me and I'll choke you out" kind of person. She's definitely not and that's one of the things that I enjoyed about her.  She's beautiful and intelligent.  She's not perfect, either.  And she's no princess.

One other thing is that there is one particular person in this book that I absolutely despise and would thoroughly enjoy choking out.  I would do it without blinking or second thought.  Do you know who that would be?  No?  Read it and you just might want to join me.

Oh the feels! I often found myself chuckling and snort laughing, holding my breath, sighing, wanting to pummel someone, and blinking to hold back the tears. Thank you Angel Payne and Victoria Blue for this amazing book, I can't wait for the next re-releases!  Literally.  I need them now.  LOL!

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