Feb. 27, 2017

No More Masquerade (Secrets of Stone #2) With Angel Payne)

No More Masquerade by the magically talented duo of Angel Payne and Victoria Blue is the perfect second part to No Prince Charming!  The previous book ended with HEA but this one…holy wow.  If the first book took you through an emotional rollercoaster, strap in tight.  No More Masquerade will take you on a much wilder ride!

Thanks to Totally Bound, I got an early read of this revised re-release!

First of all, I absolutely love Claire Montgomery.  She impressed me in the last book.  She blew my ever-loving mind in this one.  I must say that she is the woman I wish I could be.  She is persistent, genuine, and steadfast in her love.  With her status as the girlfriend of the Enigma of Magnificent Mile, she found herself in the public eye a lot more than she wanted, yet she handled it with poise, grace, and showed her beautiful heart.  Amazing.

Killian, I loved how much he needed Claire.  As practical he was, his nickname for her brought such beautifully whimsical aspect to his personality.  He is definitely an alpha male.  I am a sucker for alpha males.  However, I will admit that there were parts in this book that I wanted to knock him out, teach him some things, then knock him again.

Without giving too much away, I will say that there is one part towards the middle that made my chest ache.  I swear that I damn near shouted, “Oh hell no.  No, he didn’t!  Killian, I want to smack you so hard right now.”  After one specific scene that was selfish and cruel, I wanted to knock some sense into Killian.  This scene and the one right after it depressed me so badly that once the song “Blue Christmas” played on from my playlist, I started crying!  I was doing so well in keeping the tears in check and this happened. 

As noted in my review for the previous book, there is one person that I absolutely hated.  It just figures that Angel and Victoria would turn her into someone that I could like.  Note that I said, “could like”.  They did show a much softer and selfless side in here.  I have hopes that I will like her, but considering the writers, I know that I will.

Angel and Victoria, thank you for another amazing book!  Thank you for taking my heart, twisting it up, wringing it out and filling it with love again.  I can’t wait for the next book!

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