Apr. 11, 2017

No Lucky Number (Secrets of Stone #5) (with Angel Payne)

No Lucky Number (Secrets of Stone Book 5) by the enchanting duo of Angel Payne and Victoria Blue is the fifth addictive book in the Secrets of Stone Series.  This is definitely a 5+ star read for me and introduces who will tie for my favorite trio.  Before we get down to the review, Angel and Victoria….holy hotness!!!  This is no love triangle.

Talia Perizkova is beautiful, hard-working, dedicated, and insecure.  She embarks on what should have been a relatively simple business trip with her two bosses.  Problem is, her bosses are an undeniably irresistible team in and out of the office. 

Drake Newland and Fletcher Ford are two eligible bachelors with an interesting reputation.  They’re gorgeous, hard to resist, and talented.  I’ll let you discover which side of the spectrum that last description is from.

Talia is a woman with a lot of pressure set upon her shoulders.  Pressure within her chosen career and pressure from her family.  Would the passion-filled weekend with Drake and Fletcher endanger her place in both?  Would Drake and Fletcher be able to show Talia what they hold for her and convince her to try?  Does what happen in Vegas stay in Vegas?  Find out!

As always, I learn or re-learn things from this series.  It's never just about entertainment.  I absolutely loved No Lucky Number.  It is not simply because it was written by two of my favorite authors.  It is an exceptionally well-written story of an unusual type of relationship.  It’s the type of relationship that is frowned upon, except in certain circles, and is the subject of a lot of stigma.  The problem is, you can’t choose who you fall in love with.  My question is, if you fall in love with two men, no catfishing involved, how do you choose?  Would it be worse if the two men are brothers in every way except blood?  Or would you embrace it and ignore what society dictates is right?  Or would you let three be your lucky number?  Personally, I think it takes considerable courage to follow your heart when everything you’ve been taught, everything you hear, urges you to do otherwise.  It’s a difficult decision to do what’s right for you.  There's also grin-inducing humor, serious hotness, and some angst. There were parts that had me snort laughing.  And a couple parts where a certain person in my life told me, "that won't ever happen with us because I don't share." <cue another snort laugh>  The angst level was a little lower than Angel and Victoria's usual, but I just know that in the next book, they're going to kill me with angst.  They never fail!

Thank you Angel and Victoria, for yet another amazing book!  I can’t wait for the next!

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