May. 9, 2017

No Simple Sacrifice (Secrets of Stone #6) (with Angel Payne)

No Simple Sacrifice (Secrets of Stone Book 6) by the beguiling duo of Angel Payne and Victoria Blue is yet another 5+ star read!  All the feels are in this one, as I have come to expect from Angel and Victoria.  I chuckled, snort laughed, cried like my heart was shattered, then finally grinning and damn near cheering!  I don’t know if I can love Talia, Drake, and Fletcher more.

Talia Perizkova is trying to sort her world out.  Her unforgettable weekend with her bosses, Drake Newland and Fletcher Ford, has her trying to figure out what to do about her intense need for both of them and her family.  She has to decide whether or not she should follow her heart or her family’s path of expectation.  The problem is, one of the guys came up with a “solution.”

The solution is what broke me.  Ugly cry after I was able to take a breath.  Then denial and anger.  I was mess!  I wanted to shake all three of them!  On a more serious note, I can’t imagine having to make that decision.  Naturally, the title couldn’t be any more perfect.  I couldn’t even listen to my slow jams.  It just goes to show how magical Angel Payne and Victoria Blue are.  They pulled me into this book so quickly and completely that I had the hardest time separating myself from the story. 

As usual, this got me thinking.  What if I were to be in that situation?  Would I have been able to make that sacrifice with only the hope that things will work out for those I love?  Would I have tried my hardest to fix things?  Would I have been able to withstand the pain?  After one particular scene, I wanted to barricade myself in my room until I got through to HEA.  Angel and Victoria always give us HEA, but getting there…holy hell.  It's true.  There really is no simple sacrifice, especially when it comes to your happiness.  Talia reminded me that when the love is real and deep, it's truly worth fighting for, no matter the obstacles.

No Simple Sacrifice is delectably HOT, hilarious, heart-breaking, and even joyous!  I loved it so much, even with all the tears and aches!  Angel and Victoria, thank you for yet another rockstar read!


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