Oct. 17, 2018

No White Knight (Secrets of Stone Book 8) (With Angel Payne)

No White Knight (Secrets of Stone Book 8) by Angel Payne and Victoria Blue is a story full of humor, sarcasm, angst, and serious heat!  Ready your towels, fans, or cold showers!


The quest…

I’m Maclain Stone, and Taylor Mathews is my obsession, my reason to be a better human. Is that even possible? For her, I’ll try. Years of living in the fast lane—literally and figuratively—are catching up with me, as I fight to shift gears and win the right to commit to this incredible woman who has tumbled into my life.

The fight…

I’m ready for change, but is she? So far, she’s rejected every offer I’ve made and shut every door in my face. If she can’t admit her feelings to herself, how can she commit to me?

The fall…

She’s so close to showing me everything she is. I can feel her need in the fire of her touch, taste it in the connection of our kisses, and glimpse her surrender in the intensity of our passion. Yet I want more. But I can’t be her white knight until she admits she needs saving.

Ceej’s Review:

No White Knight is an amazing addition to the Secrets of Stone series!  I didn’t think any couple could top my favorite trio in this series, but Angel Payne and Victoria Blue proved me wrong!  I absolutely adore Mac and Taylor!

Mac…he really surprised me.  I thought he was going to be the a-hole/douchecanoe he was in the prior book, but how he was with Taylor totally changed my mind.  His personal tendencies also increased his hotness factor for me.  Yowza.  His need for her was eye-opening and heartwarming.  I completely loved that watching him fall.

Taylor…I love her.  I love her wicked sarcasm, her vulnerabilities, her humor, her strength.  Don’t get me wrong, she’s not perfect.  And I also love that about her.  Her relationship with her “sisters” is a beautiful thing, especially considering the women she grants that title to.  Additionally, I seriously enjoyed her half-capitulation to Mac.

I don’t think anyone, besides Angel and Victoria, can love Doctor Clown and his Sassy any more than I do.  Angel and Victoria, I need the next book like yesterday!  Please?!  This one is too good!

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