Fun with Cover Reveals!

Mar. 4, 2019

***Cover Reveal***


Rise Up: A Coach’s Love 3

Author: Alison Mello

Photographer: BT Urruela

Model: Christopher John

Cover Designer: Emma Rider Moonstruck Cover Design




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When my ex-wife told me she was leaving West Virginia, I was angry. Our marriage was over, it had been for a long time, but now she’s abandoning our son, and neither of us are happy about it.  

 My assistant, Amber, and I have been flirting for months. There’s a strong connection between us, and we both know it. Tapping into our mutual love for basketball, I bring Amber on to help coach my son’s team.

 Now my ex is back and making demands. I know I should always trust my gut. When I don’t, things go wrong, and it leaves us with a lesson…

 It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish ... rise up!




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Refuse to Lose: A Coach’s Love 1

I thought I was helping a friend, but instead I only managed to get myself in a heap of trouble which left me with two options. Coach little league as part of community service…or face jail time.

 So here I am…coaching little league, a project I wasn’t looking forward to—that’s until I see Stella at the field with her son. Unfortunately for me it takes a lot longer than I’d hoped for her to give me the time of day.

 Yet, now that I’ve caught her attention, things are much more complicated than I thought. Who knew juggling a struggling friend, community service, a team bully and a girlfriend would be this hard?

 But I won’t let it get me down. Someone once told me the secret to success, and come hell or high water I’ll show everyone around me that I…

 …refuse to lose. 

 Photographer: Christopher John – CJC Photography

Model: BT Urruela

Cover Designer: Emma Rider – Moonstruck Cover Design




Hustle and Heart: A Coach’s Love 2


I’ve lost my wife, now it’s time to come home and raise my two kids as a single father. When my son decides to play football on the very same team I started out on, I’m thrilled. I instantly sign up to coach, excited to share this time with him. 

 I’m about to meet some of my team, but I’m not expecting to meet her too. The wind is practically knocked out of me when I spot Karen standing there in a line of parents all waiting for the same thing—football gear. The connection between us is instant, just as it was all those years go, and I can tell from the smile on her face that she feels it too.

 I discover her husband has left her for another woman and it angers me but, I know it’s time to make her mine. The cheating bastard is actually mad when he realizes I’m the man in her life, but that’s too bad. I’ll treat her right because if there’s one thing I’ve learned from sports it’s that, cheaters never win.

In life and in sports you need to have...

...Hustle and Heart


Photographer: Gigi Hoggard

Model: Blake Sevani

Cover Designer: Emma Rider-Moonstruck Cover Design





Apr. 21, 2018

**** COVER REVEAL ****

Get ready for the Empire Sevens series!
Releasing on May 15th!

THE EMPIRE SEVENS SERIES will be four books.
Everyone meet Zander Hale & Eden Vaughn!
More information on the rest of the series soon!

VANILLA & VICE by Tabatha Vargo - Author and Melissa Andrea

My sick obsession with domination and sex had become an addiction, and I was no longer willing to be a slave to it. Now, I’m six months sex free, and I haven’t tied a woman up in five.
I’ve never felt more powerful in my life.
Then Eden Vaughn got a job at Empire Sevens and turned my newfound control on its head.
She makes me feel weak—testing my restraint—silently begging me to show her how deep my addiction runs. I can’t have her sort of temptation in my casino, and I’ll do whatever it takes to get her to quit.
I’m into all things dark and filthy, but innocence is my kryptonite. She’s virtuous and vanilla, and vanilla is my VICE.

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Photographer: Eric David Battershell
Model: Kevin Hessam