Jun. 11, 2017

The Bartender (Modern Love) (Volume 1)

The Bartender (Modern Love) (Volume 1) by Piper Rayne is a wonderfully enjoyable book!  This was my first one by this duo and it definitely won’t be the last!  I don’t know when I laughed so hard and so much while reading one book before.  This is a romantic comedy that I would enjoy watching.  There were a few points where I almost spat my drink because I wasn’t quite ready for the sizable bubble of a laugh they caused.

Whitney Knight is a girl down on her luck both professionally and romantically.  She does, however, have two best friends that are a riot!  They’re not just there for comedic relief from her troubles.  They felt like true best friends to me and I loved it!  She has that one man that caused a chain of events that made a huge impact.  Little did she know that it was going to get even more interesting.

Cole Webber is a guy with quite a reputation, one that Whitney wanted to avoid at all costs.  But he was the bartender that hung out with Whitney as she killed time waiting for a Tinder “date”.  What happens afterward is one you will have to see for yourself. 

The sparks and banter between the two are so much fun!  And the nickname she drunkenly came up with had me snort laughing all through the book.  I will never forget that two-word nickname and I know that if any of my book sisters mention it, I will end up snort laughing all over again without warning.  When I think of this book, all I can think of is fun.  This doesn’t have that grab your heart and rip it out angst or rolling-your-eyes drama.  This book has some angst, but mostly pure fun.  I can’t wait for the next book!

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