Jan. 5, 2018

Chore Play (Dirty Truth Series #3)

Chore Play (Dirty Truth Series Book 3) is a tale of a man who makes a mistake and works to fix it with the woman who owns his heart.


People like to see the womanizing jerk fall…the one who takes the number, but never calls? The guy who beds and never weds? Everyone wants to see that guy fall in love, right? Pfft. Sounds like a script straight out of one of the box office movies my clients make. Get your head out of the clouds because in real life the arrogant player doesn’t fall head over heels for the feisty brunette. Unless the feisty brunette met him years before he’d perfected his cool demeanor. Unless she carved a spot out of his heart that never fully healed. Our first meeting kick started my heart. Fourteen years later, our reunion was less heart and more kick. Turns out Quinn is just as hot and bothered to see me as I am her and I have the head injury to prove it.

Ceej’s Review:

I liked Chore Play.  Jagger surprised me with a completely different side than he’d shown in the previous two books.  I really didn’t like him in those.  He seemed like a complete douche and that’s what I called him in my head.  However, in Chore Play, his genuine side was very heart-warming.  Now don’t get me wrong, he irritated me at times.  I wanted to tell him to stop being an idiot.

Quinn..she made me laugh and frustrated me even though I couldn’t really fault her for her reactions and decisions.  To be completely honest, she’s not my favorite Piper Rayne character.  There were times that she seemed immature and that annoys me.  Maybe I do things differently, but over a lot of the book, I wanted to tell her to get over it and grow up.  When she finally did, it made me happy!

As mentioned earlier, I liked this book even though it’s not my favorite one.  I enjoy all of their books.  Chore Play is packed with the humor Piper Rayne has become known for.  It’s wicked hot and filled with real emotion.  I cannot wait for the next book, the first in a new series!


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