Jul. 12, 2018

Happy Hour (Charity Case Book 3)

Happy Hour (Charity Case Book 3) by Piper Rayne is a tale of love and lust, honesty and lies, acceptance and forgiveness, trust and lies-by omission, delicious hotness, utter hilarity, and heart-squeezing angst!



The perfect man for her is the one she hates most. #gofigure

Dating is hard.

Dating in your thirties is even harder.

Dating in Chicago is harder still.

I haven't given up on finding my happily-ever-after, but in the age of swiping right and Netflix and chill, I'm wondering if everything is as temporary as my marriage turned out to be.

Truth is, there is one guy I can't get my mind off of.

Roarke Baldwin has salt and pepper hair I've dreamed of running my hands through and I'm pretty sure that if I checked he really does have a six pack of abs underneath his suit. And I've always wondered what that stubble on his face would feel like between my thighs.

The problem? He's the one man I hate more than my ex-husband…

His divorce attorney.

Ceej’s Review:

Happy Hour is a tale of love and lust, honesty and lies, acceptance and forgiveness, trust and lies-by-omission, delicious hotness, utter hilarity, and heart-squeezing angst!

Hannah…made me love her then broke my heart then put it all back together again. How many of us are or were like her when it comes to love and marriage? How many of us are so incredibly stubborn that we blindly hold onto deep-seated distrust? And now how many of us have gotten smacked in the head with an epiphany that opens us, not only mentally but emotionally as well? Now don’t get me wrong, I think I’m more stubborn than Hannah. However, she was the one that showed me that keeping an open mind after my trust was violated is key to my personal survival. I admit there were times that I wanted to shake her for her misplaced antagonism and rudeness. It made my heart so happy to see the change in her, and it gave me hope.

Roarke…I absolutely fell in love with him. His relentless pursuit of Hannah made me grin. His persistence opened my eyes to see what kind of man he is underneath the divorce attorney persona he wore like a well-loved shirt. He is far from perfect, and he made me fall more in love with him with each revelation. There are few things sexier than a man who pursues a woman with cunning, honesty, gentleness, and vulnerability. What he did towards the end for Hannah? S.W.O.O.N. Piper Rayne, I need a Roarke!

Piper Rayne, I do not know how you ladies do it. You make me break a rib (kidding) from laughing then turn around and bring that tickle to my nose that signals the forthcoming tears. I cannot wait to see what you ladies come up with next!

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