Oct. 25, 2018

Crushing on the Cop (Blue Collar Brothers Book 2)

Crushing on the Cop (Blue Collar Brothers Book 2) by Piper Rayne is a swoon-worthy story full of giggles and belly laughs, sarcasm, angst, and serious hotness! 


Cristian Bianco has two things against him-he's a police officer and he's a police officer in the 18th District…meaning my dad is his boss.

Growing up as the Commander's daughter and having his magnifying glass focused on everything I did was more than I could handle.

Now, I'm out on my own, living by my own rules. Well, mostly. The 'job' I created for myself has me in some hot water and my exit strategy isn't exactly working out how I'd hoped.

Which is why when my best friend bids on Cristian for me at a charity bachelor auction, I'm not having it. A man in blue is only going to be one thing for me-a problem.

Except after his brother starts dating my best friend he becomes harder to ignore. The eight-pack abs. The sense of style only a girl like me can appreciate. The way he puts his family first. It all adds up to make him one irresistible prospect and has me wondering if he knows how to use those handcuffs the right way-by locking my wrists to his headboard.

A sexy BOSS'S DAUGHTER romcom standalone in the Blue Collar Brothers series.

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Ceej’s Review:

Piper Rayne never fails to provide stories where the romance matches up with the heat level and Crushing on the Cop is no different!  A hot cop who is a good man, sweet, built, loyal, loves his Mama, and not a Lothario?  GIMME!

Cristian…I seriously love him.  I knew I would when we met him in the previous book, but his heart is even bigger than his…d…defined sense of right and wrong (what did you think I was gonna say, huh?) and that’s the biggest part of why I love him.  He made me laugh and swoon and made my heart drop for a moment!  Piper Rayne, I need a Cristian.  Like yesterday.

Vanessa…I love her, too!  I mean, who doesn’t love a tortured heroine who eventually finds her way with the help of a sweet and loving man?  Admittedly, there were times I wanted to shake her or force her to open her heart as well as her eyes, but she needed to learn how to do that on her own.  She made me laugh, made me proud, and made me want to cheer!  I’d love to have a friend like her.

Piper Rayne, you gave me yet another couple to hold close to my heart.  I can’t believe you made me love Cris more than Mauro!!  And, okay, I can’t wait to see how you’ll make me love the last brother.

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