Jan. 1, 2019

Bedroom Games Box Set

Bedroom Games Box Set by Piper Rayne is a set full of stories ready to fill you full of belly laughs, giggles, sighs, tears, hotness, and love!


It may be the Winter Classics, but the bedroom games are about to begin…

As a set of three Olympic snowboarders head to South Korea to compete, none of them knew that they'd be competing for their hearts.


This box set includes:

Iced Out (Bedroom Games #0.5)

Previously exclusive material only available to Piper Rayne newsletter subscribers. Exactly why do Grady and Mia hate each other in Cold as Ice?

Cold as Ice (Bedroom Games #1)

An enemies-to-lovers AND best friend's little sister romance between half pipe snowboarders Grady Kale (Rogue) and Mia Salter (Lil' Salty). What happens when you're thrown in to a press tour with your ex-best friend's little sister who you're seeing a new light? You realize karma has a sick sense of humor.

On Thin Ice (Bedroom Games #2)

An enemies-to-lovers… well more enemies-with-benefits involving snowboard cross snowboarder Dax Campbell (Soups) and downhill skier Demi Harrison. What happens when you lose your edge and your superstition is sleeping with the girl who believes you're the devil incarnate? You hope for a divine intervention.

Break the Ice (Bedroom Games #3)

A friends-to-lovers romance between slopestyle boarder Beckett (Hoff) Myers and slopestyle skier Skylar Walsh. What happens when your best friend agrees to help you rehab from a broken arm? Lines blur, that's what.

The Ice Box (Bedroom Games #4)

BRAND NEW novella written from Brandon Salter's (Salty) POV..

Ceej’s Review:

Iced Out: This one broke my heart, not just with what happened with Brandon, but with what why Mia and Grady hated each other.  And it happened at such a bad time.

Cold As Ice: In true Piper Rayne form, there was everything from grins to chuckles to belly laughs to sighs to “where’s a cold shower when you need one” to “oh my heart!” to “I wanna smack him” to pure joy.  I really enjoyed this book!  And I have one word for anyone who hasn’t read it yet…medibation.  LOL!  Go get your copy now!

On Thin Ice: As usual, Piper Rayne brings the heat, the humor, and that bit of a heart clench with On Thin Ice!  I enjoyed this even more than the first book in the series.  Why?  Because I really enjoyed watching an obnoxious guy turn on the charm to sway the woman that hates him.

Break the Ice: is such a sweet best-friends-to-lovers book and brings all the feels along with the trademark Piper Rayne humor!  It’s full of fun, hilariously funny, so frustrating that you want to smack both of them upside their heads, beautiful, and of course seriously hot!

The Ice Box: Finally, the HEA Brandon deserved after Iced Out!  The Ice Box totally melted my heart!

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