What is Character Auditing?

Are you an author with books that have many characters?  Have you been looking for that one tool that could help make your process easier when selecting names for your characters or cross-referencing them?  My name is Ceej Chargualaf and I am a Character Auditor.  What is a character auditor, you ask?  Someone who will read your books and notate important details about every single character within it.  For example: names and nicknames, ages, physical characteristics, role within the book, etc.  Each tool can be adjusted to your preference.  This is a handy tool, especially for those that have multiple books and many characters.  Can you imagine trying to keep track of the 300+ individual characters in 20+ books?  Let me help you. 

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Let's see about getting your books into my schedule.  Contact me and we can talk about my process and pricing.  I look forward to hearing from you!