Dec. 24, 2018

A Crown For Christmas

A Crown For Christmas by Rachel Van Dyken is a breath of fresh air from beginning to end!!


The first time I met Fitz or to most of the world Duke Fitzegerald Heraldo Belleville, I punched him in the throat.

I was actually aiming for his chin, but he was a few years older, clearly not wiser, but at least taller.

He started wheezing on his candy cane.

And well, the rest is history.

Hate replaced what could have been friendship, and for the rest of my teen years, I watched him flirt with every single breathing female.

I hated him.

Plotted his death with a smile on my face.

And knew that my first decree as Queen would be to chop off his head.

Except now that I'm finally old enough to inherit the title, there's one tiny little slip-up.

I need a man by my side.

The problem?

I may have accidentally scared them all away.

I have no options.

Until the devil rings my doorbell with a wicked grin on his face and revenge dancing like sugarplums in his gaze.

I hate that I need him.

It's a serious problem.

We have twelve days before we say I do.

I just pray we survive without killing each other first.

Tracey’s Review:

Rachel Van Dyken filled my heart with joy and made hope nestle deep into my soul with this story. It’s filled with witty banter, crazy schemes, hilarious moments and lots of misunderstandings but so much love. You won’t be able to read this book without laughing your head off or crying a few tears. This story teaches you so many things and reminds you to not judge a book by its cover. Rachel has brought this magical time of year front and center in the most beautiful way. Thank you, Rachel for writing such a heartfelt story full of passion, hope, faith, and undeniable love. This story is a breath of fresh air from beginning to end!

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