Apr. 30, 2019

Debase (Elite Bratva Brotherhood Book 1)

Debase (Elite Bratva Brotherhood Book 1) by Rachel Van Dyken is a story of family, strength, power, blood, pain, terror, love, joy, and sacrifice.


With blood on my hands, I held her.

With death in my soul, I took from her.

With the devil in my heart, I coveted her.

There are many definitions of Hell.

My list was exhaustive, my definitions tragic.

Tonight I was adding something new to the very top.

Girl number six thirty-two.

She arrived on my birthday, the same day, every year, I play Russian Roulette and pull the trigger.

She was my omen.

My end game.

She made it personal.

And for the first time in my life, I gave in.

A virgin mob boss with no soul.

My name is Andrei Petrov.

They call me the devil.

All I want is for the pain to end.

All she wants is for me to share it.

I am the last remaining heir to a dynasty that should burn in Hell.

And my last wish remains for it to die with me.

Ceej’s Review:

Debase proves yet again that Rachel Van Dyken is mafia royalty!  I loved, loved, loved this book!  It’s a story of family, strength, power, blood, pain, terror, love, joy, and sacrifice.

Andrei…my heart hurt for him through a large part of this book.  I loved him because I didn’t see the devil he made himself to be.  I saw the strength and vulnerability underneath.  I needed him to overcome everything and beat the odds.  His reaction and his love for Alice made me smile so big!

Alice…I loved her so much because she was a powerhouse that took everything and everyone on.  Nothing could break her but one thing, and I am thanking Rachel that that one thing didn’t happen!  Let me tell you, my heart was beating so fast, I was hoping so hard!

Loved this book so much that I can’t wait for the next one!

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