Oct. 27, 2017

Post-operative appointment

It was time for my post-operative appointment.  I didn’t expect anything stellar as this is one thing that I have gone through several times already and considering how bad I felt about the previous appointment, I didn’t expect anything to go well.  I did however, have some hope for good news about the results of my procedure. 

For comfort, I wore my mala prayer beads, a bracelet, and my rosary, all were gifts from a loving friend.  They are my talismans, my symbols of faith and hope and love.  And I needed all the goodness I could get.

When I got to my surgeon’s office, I checked in with ease and just sat and relaxed while I waited to be called in for my appointment with my surgeon’s PA.  When I got called in, my vitals were taken by the same medical assistant from last time.  She actually handled me with care this time.  She led me to the closest available room.  I really appreciated it because I live in constant and incredible pain, and walking is a struggle.

In the room, I waited for about two minutes and a friendly woman in scrubs came in.  She was the PA that I was scheduled to meet.  She was really nice and helpful.  She told me that my wound was “healing beautifully” and that I did a great job of taking care of it.  She also told me that though everything was going so well, I needed to remember that they are there if I needed them and not to be afraid to call or send a message via MyChart.  The best news she gave me was that I do not have temporal arteritis!  While it doesn’t solve my problem, it marks one thing off the list of things that may be wrong with me.

What made a difference to me with this appointment was the care they took with me.  I actually believed that they cared about how I felt.  While I know this is difficult for many providers because they have the stress of having so many lives in their hands, it’s the little caring things can make a huge difference in those lives.  It does make me wonder if they got the results of the survey I took a few days prior about the appointment I had the other week.  If they did, I hoped that they took my responses and comments as opportunities for improvement.


My message for this post?  No matter how many times you have to do something, never give up hope.  Good things come in many different sizes.  Additionally, take the time to show some care, whether you are the medical professional or the patient.  It makes a difference for the better.