Jan. 16, 2018

Cowboy Casanova (Rough Riders Book 12)

Cowboy Casanova (Rough Riders Book 12) is a tale of a man who knows what he wants and a woman who found hers in a particularly interesting way.


His rough touch makes her lose control...

In Sundance, Wyoming, you can’t throw a boot without hitting a McKay cowboy, so Ben McKay is used to fading into the background. Except at The Rawhide Club, he’s known as Bennett, an imposing Dom surrounded by female subs eager for the attention of his long…whip.

Ainsley Hamilton is amazed by how well Bennett read her every secret yearning—and she's stunned when they come face to face in Sundance. Now Ben’s urging her to explore her submissive side outside the club, and there’s something in his commanding gaze that makes it too easy to let him take the reins—of her fantasies and her pleasure.

Can Ben help Ainsley overcome her fear that a relationship built on dark sexual appetites won’t survive the light of day?



Ceej’s Review:

Cowboy Casanova is the McKay book I have been waiting for.  The little peeks into Ben’s life in the previous books only made me want his story even more.  I absolutely loved it.  This story came very close to home for me.

Ben/Bennett…is my kind of Dom.  His lifestyle is one that I would be so happy in.  To be completely honest, he’s the kind of man that can make even the strongest woman tremble.

Ainsley…she made me laugh and made me tear up, and I’m no sap.  I felt everything she felt about herself.  I fought the same battles.  But when she found her joy, she gave me hope.

This is now my favorite Lorelei James book and I’m very picky.  I want to say more, but I don't want to ruin it for others.  There's just so much!  I loved everything about it, the laughter, the joy, the pain, the fear, the tears, and the serious hotness.  I can’t wait to read more!

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