Jan. 22, 2018

Kissin' Tell (Rough Riders Book 13)

Kissin’ Tell (Rough Riders Book 13) is a tale of two wildly misunderstood people who find not only understanding in each other, but a love that will survive anything, including their own insecurities.


Once she led him around by a string. Now he's the one holding the reins.

Georgia Hotchkiss swore wild horses couldn’t drag her back to Sundance, Wyoming. So it’s ironic she’s forced to take a rodeo PR job in her former hometown—right before her ten-year class reunion. The only thing worse than facing her cheating ex-husband? Showing up to the reunion without a date.

Tell McKay had it so bad for Georgia “Hot Lips” Hotchkiss during high school that he let her run roughshod over him. But he’s no longer that easily manipulated boy—these days he’s earned a reputation with the ladies that lives up to the McKay last name. He agrees to escort her to the reunion—with one stipulation. Georgia has to prove she’s left behind the goody-goody cheerleader of the past—by sharing his bed.

Their sexual chemistry burns so bright, they barely notice that the reunion has come and gone, and now they’re tangled up in another dreaded “R” word—relationship. But if Tell wants to get the girl this time around, he’ll have to come up with a whole new set of knots to tie up her heartstrings.

Ceej’s Review:

Kissin’ Tell…gotta love the senses of humor that a lot of authors have, especially Lorelei James.  I really liked this book.  Since I started the series, I’ve had a natural curiosity about the different McKay family members.  Like mine, they are numerous.  Little was mentioned about Tell in the previous books, so I looked forward to this one.  I wanted his story!

Tell…I felt his pain.  Always the one overlooked, the one always used, the one always forgotten unless something was needed.  I felt a serious kinship with him and sympathized with a lot of the feelings he buried deep.  Underneath it all was a man who wanted to be first for someone.  Not the last resort or the quick pick.

Georgia…how many women carried the misunderstood feeling from high school into her late twenties like she did?  Considering her history, it’s understandable.  There were too many misconceptions and misunderstandings.  The thing was, she let them happen, or let them keep growing.  There were points that she irritated me because she seemed to lack spine.  However, when she finally stood up for herself, I couldn’t have been more proud of her.

I admit that they irritated me.  They both let misconceptions stand in their way.  When they fought then made up for the second time, it made me want to ask them why they didn’t learn the first time.  It’s a hard way to think, but I had to remind myself that, yes, though they are characters in a book, they are human.  I’m certainly not perfect.  However, life is too short to keep making the same mistakes over and over again.  I needed them to get their heads straight.  When they finally did, I was so happy!

Kissin’ Tell is a book full of serious hotness, sadness, grief, love, joy, laughter, and wild misunderstandings.  Also, as the thirteenth book in the series, it gave me updates on the previous couples that I had fallen in love with and I loved every bit!

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