Apr. 24, 2018

Cowboy Take Me Away (Rough Riders Book 16)

Cowboy Take Me Away (Rough Riders Book 16) by Lorelei James a beautiful and heart-wrenching addition to the Rough Riders series!


A love story that spans fifty years…

The moment Carson McKay saw the sexy blonde at the dance hall he wanted to throw her over his saddle and gallop hell-for-leather to the closest church. Given his reputation as a lover and a fighter—not necessarily in that order—it wasn’t surprising she gave him the cold shoulder. But he definitely wasn’t expecting the right hook when he goes to steal a kiss.

Carolyn West might look sweet and innocent, but she’s no fool. The good-looking cowboy with the heart-stopping smile didn’t really want to marry her; he just wanted to take her for a test ride. But when he kisses her a second time, she can’t fight her burning attraction to him…until she learns he’s one of the McKay cowboys she’s been warned about.

Carson doesn’t care about the long-standing feud between their families—he knows Carolyn is meant to be his. And the more intimate they become, the more Carolyn sees the real man behind the reputation—a man who wants the same forever connection she does…a man who will stay by her side and give her the love of a lifetime.

Ceej’s Review:

Just when I thought I couldn’t love the McKay’s more, Lorelei James proves me wrong.  Admittedly, I wasn’t sure if I’d be into a novel about an older couple.  This one novel brought me to tears repeatedly.  I want to find a man that adores and needs me like Carson does Caro.  This is a story that can make a cynical and jaded person like me believe in true love and never doubt its power.

Carson’s fixation on Caro made me laugh at first.  Then it made me love him.

Caro’s dedication to Carson made me wish I was as strong a woman as she was.

My chest ached.  My heart bled.  My eyes released tears in torrents.  I absolutely LOVED Cowboy Take Me Away.  Thank you Ms. James for reminding me how beautiful and hot true love can be.

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