Jul. 27, 2018

Mad about the Banker (Modern Love Book 3) performed by Molly Mermelstein

Mad about the Banker (Modern Love Book 3) by Piper Rayne, performed by Molly Mermelstein is both my favorite book and audiobook!


Who knew my brother's friend could be Mr. Right, and not just Mr. Right Now?

My brother refused to introduce me, so I blame him. If he'd just caved, and introduced me to Jasper, I wouldn't be in this mess. I mean, really, what's the big deal? I'm not interested in the guy's looks.

Oh no, I want his cold hard cash. (Be honest, you were expecting that other four letter ‘c' word weren't you?)

Now, before you go getting all judgy, I'm not a gold digger. I have a legitimate business opportunity for Jasper to invest in. The problem is that my stick-up-his-ass brother is embarrassed that his twin sister invents kick ass sex toys. His problem, not mine.

So, I took matters into my own hands. Defeat isn't a word in Lennon Hart's dictionary.

Using my stealthy P.I. moves, I narrowed my search to a time and place where I knew I could find him. It was completely innocent. A chance meeting that would give me the opportunity to pitch my business.

It wasn't until I sat down across from the gorgeous panty soaking man in front of me, that I realized I wanted so much more than just his money. I could very well want his heart if I wasn't careful.

Apparently my P.I. skills aren't as stellar as I thought because Jasper had his own secret-and it changed EVERYTHING.

Note To Readers: The Banker concludes the Modern Love series. Each book can be read as a standalone.

Ceej’s Review:

Mad About the Banker (Modern Love Book 3) by Piper Rayne is the book I’ve been waiting for! I am hooked on the Modern Love series and needed to know Lennon’s story. Piper and Rayne did not disappoint!

Lennon Hart is the tattooed, quirky third in the Modern Love trio. Though I loved Whit and Tahl, Lennon is my favorite! She’s unique, blunt, creative, damn near fearless, but she also has her vulnerable side. She’s now used to being the fifth wheel when her friends get together. She’s not looking for Mr. Right. She’s happy with Mr. Right Now. She had goals and ambitions and has no qualms about doing what she has to do in order to reach them.

Jasper Banks. Sounds pretentious, right? He’s not. He’s a gorgeous man with a sense of humor that matches Lennon perfectly. He isn’t all about himself and his accomplishments. He’s genuine and caring. He’s exactly the kind of man that Lennon needs. But he has a secret. It may be one secret that will tear them apart.

I have read Mad About the Banker countless times. Yes, I reread a lot, but I’m particular about what I reread. Lennon just keeps me laughing. A lot of her thoughts are like my own. I swear she and I would have a blast. We could even spend hours talking about our tattoos (I have several myself, almost two full sleeves in addition to the ones on my calves and my sternum)! I will say that I would love to punch Lennon’s twin brother in the head. He needs some sense knocked into him. The rest of her family…I won’t spoil it, but let’s just say that it’s miraculous that Lennon isn’t a brittle or weak person. They actually made me love her even more. This also made me look at her best friends a little differently. You have to read this to know why. As for Jasper, I need one like him! His need for Lennon was thoroughly enjoyed! He definitely has a dominating side, but it’s not one that’s bad. It’s all good, I promise! Sooooo good! There’s so much more I want to say, but I don’t want to spoil it. It’ll be worth the wait.

The Banker gave me what I needed. There’s a bit of angst. Not totally rip-your-heart-out angst, but enough to where you feel it. This one had me trying to rub the ache out of my chest. I needed Lennon and Jasper happy!

This book! Oh this book! It had me laughing, chuckling, grinning maniacally, ready to hit someone, needing a cold shower (or my Eli), in tears of sorrow, and finally, tears of joy! I know that I will be rereading this in the future, that’s how much I loved it! I can't wait for more from Piper Rayne!


What a difference from the last audiobook performance!  Molly Mermelstein is such a fantastic narrator! She brought Lennon's sarcastic humor to life and I loved it, even though she made me look like an idiot because I kept busting up in laughter when I listened during my commute. And the parts that always hit me with this book? Molly intensified it. She is amazing, I hope to hear more from her!

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