Aug. 1, 2018

Love Conquer: A Standalone Romance (Battlefield of Love Book 3)



 Love Conquer: A Standalone Romance (Battlefield of Love Book 3) by Cary Hart is a story of strength, courage, fear and terror, and best of all, beautiful love.


When do the words "I'm sorry" mean nothing? When his words hurt more than his touch? What happens when leaving is harder than staying?
The lines between right and wrong have become so blurred...accepting who you’ve become is not an option.
Escape is the only way to fight back...finding someone willing to fight with you is something you never saw coming.
But before you can conquer love, you have to battle your past...




Ceej’s Review:

Love Conquer is a story of strength, courage, fear and terror, and best of all, a beautiful example of real love.  This review took me twice as long to write as it did to read the book, that’s how affected I was, and still am.  Cary Hart, thank you.

I found that Nina is a kindred spirit and I absolutely loved her.  A big part of that reason made me sad.  No one, male or female, should have to live a life like that.  Nina’s inner struggle hurt because I know exactly how she felt.  Leaving is immensely harder than staying because the unknown is scary and what we’re leaving stripped away everything about us except the core.  I was so incredibly proud of Nina.  Doing what she did took immense courage and strength.  And to continue on to find herself?  The same.  I couldn’t blame her for her instinctive reactions to anything or even her thoughts about herself.  She had to do whatever she needed to survive.  Honestly, if Nina were right in front of me, I’d give her the biggest of hugs.

I loved Kyle.  Good guys like him are very rare, especially with the history he has and the feelings he’s holding inside.  Honestly, he could have used it to be bitter or even use it as an opportunity to be a womanizer, but he’s too good.  When he broke?  My heart hurt for him.  But what I loved the most is how he treated Nina.  Along with Niki and Gavin, he showed her that her life was not the norm, and that she could find what she needed with him.  I have a huge soft spot for men who treat their woman like there’s nothing better in the world than her.

Cary Hart, part of me wants to be mad at you for writing a book that struck too close to home and made me feel every single emotion within it.  I actually really loved Love Conquer.  I can’t properly express how much.  This will be my go-to for when I need the reminder of what real strength looks like and how I can see it again within myself.  Thank you.

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